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Protect Your Family from These Painful Pests

Stinging insects go hand in hand with summertime and outdoor activities. These pests are more than just a nuisance – they can be quite painful if they sting you. Stinging insects such as wasps and hornets can be found in just about any climate and can build nests in countless places, from gutters to trees to swing sets. Anywhere with an open space offers a potential home to these winged warriors. 

At Pestmaster, we have the experience and understanding to deal with stinging insects of all kinds, along with their nests. For reliable and effective bee control , turn to our pest control experts.

If you’re ready to rid your property of stinging insects, give Pestmaster a call today at (800) 525-8866!

Trained & Experienced Experts

The Pestmaster team is familiar with all the various types of stinging insects that can pose problems for our customers. Some of the most common stinging insects we deal with include:

  • Baldfaced Hornets
  • European Hornets
  • Paper Wasps
  • Yellowjackets

The above list is not exhaustive, and our stinging insect control team has experience with many other pests as well. If you have a wasp or hornet problem, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your problem. 

The Danger of Hymenoptera Insects

Bugs like ants, bees, and wasps that sting all belong to the same bug family called Hymenoptera. These bugs can either be helpful or a problem depending on where they live. For example, outside nature, these insects help with pollinating plants as well as getting rid of other pests. However, if they are close to your house or yard, then it’s not so good! People and pets could get stung by them, which makes it very important for us to keep those bugs away from our homes since some insect stings may cause terrible allergies even leading up to death in some cases without medical care right away.

Professional Stinging Insect Treatment and Control

Are you looking for professional stinging insect treatment and control near you? Pestmaster is here to help. Our expert pest control professionals are experienced in safe, reliable elimination of these pests from your home or business. We use the most up-to-date technology and products available on the market today to ensure that our service meets all state regulations while still being effective yet affordable for customers like yourself!

Our squad knows how frightening it can be confronting an invasion of possibly dangerous bugs like wasps, bees, hornets and yellow jackets. This is why we make sure all our customers feel relaxed with us managing their issue right away and carefully. Do not delay; get in touch with us now so that our specialists can determine your requirements, then directly prepare a custom-made plan made just for getting rid of those annoying invaders who have been irritating you no longer! With Pestmaster’s first-rate knowledge, taking care of any difficulty related to stinging insects should never become too much hassle.

Stinging Pests: How Pestmaster Can Help

Having flying stinging insects in your home or business can be an alarming experience. Fortunately, Pestmaster is here to help. Our experienced professionals are fully trained in the safe, effective removal of stinging pests from your property. We use only the most advanced pest control methods and products to ensure the elimination of these pests and the safety of your family or employees. Our pest control professionals are highly knowledgeable in the biology and behavior of stinging insects such as wasps, hornets, and bees and can provide a tailored solution to your problem. 

Keep your property pest-free all year long! Reach out to Pestmaster today to request a quote.

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“Great service. Real professional. An hour after he left the mouse in the kitchen was found in the trap. No other mice sittings. Thank you to all for coming out so quickly.”

Doreen, Carson City, NV

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Solutions

At Pestmaster, we understand the importance of being environmentally conscious in our pest control services. We take a holistic approach to pest control, utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques and employing sustainable solutions that are safe for people and the environment. Our technicians will conduct a thorough assessment of your property to ensure effective treatments without disrupting the local ecosystem.

  • 40+ Years of Experience

    We use top-quality products, cutting-edge technology, and environmentally conscious methods.

  • Customized Pest Control Plans

    Our Integrated Pest Management takes into account all the factors of your property to fully understand your problem.

  • Safe & Sustainable Solutions

    We are committed to providing sustainable solutions that don’t put you, your family, or the environment at risk.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We do more than just eliminate pests - we provide you with peace of mind.

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Thorough & Reliable Services

Ridding Your Property of Stinging Insects 

If you have a wasp or hornet problem, first and foremost, you should avoid that area. Even if you don’t see a nest, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. The last thing you want to do is aggravate these insects. Be sure to keep children and pets away from any areas with a large presence of wasps or hornets and give the Pestmaster team a call. We have all the equipment, techniques, and products needed to take care of nests and all their inhabitants. 

Our stinging insect control team will assess the situation, inspect your entire property, and locate the source of your problem. Then, using safe, effective, and environmentally friendly methods, we’ll get to work. We customize our solutions and use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques that take into consideration every aspect of your property so that we can deliver the best services.  

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Eliminate Your Pest Problem Once & For All

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