scorpion on wood

Depending on the type, scorpions can range from two to four inches long, identified by their large pinchers and poisonous stingers located at the tip of their tails.

Scorpions are not just annoying and scary looking; they can be dangerous and require medical attention if stung. Depending on the type, a scorpion’s sting has been known to cause death in children. Other symptoms of a sting can include vomiting, swelling, numbness and severe pain.

Scorpions are usually located in the Southwest region of the United States and are nocturnal hunting for crickets and cockroaches at night. During the day, they look for cool shelter, often hiding under rocks or burrows, or even worse, hidden in clothes or blankets inside your home.

Scorpions are difficult to remove because of their aggressive behavior and their resilience to pesticides leaving most store solutions and traps to be ineffective. It is best to use protective equipment or better yet, call a trained professional. Scorpions after death can still have poison in their stingers and cause damage if you come into contact with it. Changing outdoor bulbs from white light to yellow light has also shown reduction of crickets and other outdoor pests.

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