Crickets measure around ¾ of an inch, yellowish brown in color and are often nocturnal pests, identified by their loud chirping and long back legs used for jumping. Although associated with summer, they like to make your home theirs in the winter and can live indefinitely indoors. Crickets love moist environments and will often be found in damp spaces such as basements and laundry areas, due to being attracted to fabrics which they feast on.

Although not dangerous, crickets tend to attract more dangerous predatory pests such as spiders and scorpions who eat crickets and can bring their own infestation. Crickets find their way into your home through access points such as cracks and openings in doors and your home's foundation.

By moving habitats near your house where crickets breed, such as firewood and bushes, and sealing any cracks or openings, you can help prevent crickets from entering your home.

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