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Beetles are a common infestation that occurs in and around commercial and residential properties. You will mostly find beetles active at night and flying around outdoor light fixtures. There are many different types of beetles and depending on the species and tendencies, you can find them anywhere from around your yard, inside furniture, closets or even your pantry foods.

Beetle infestations usually surface the most in areas with dampness issues or water nearby as beetles have been known to gravitate towards moisture. The issue must immediately be dealt with as they pose multiple risks, from damaging your wood or plants to destroying carpets and fabrics and even contaminating dried foods.

Beetles are relatively harmless to humans and only a few species bit humans, but they can trigger allergies which can range from irritating skin rashes to itchy eyes and throat.

Depending on the type of beetle you encounter, treatment can be as simple as storing foods in airtight containers, or for outside pests, trimming back shrubs. Prevention and exclusion are the standard methods for eliminating these types of intruders.

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