Deck the Halls Without the Pests

Spider Ornament

No matter what holiday you celebrate, this time of year likely calls for a revamp to your home decor. Trees, wreaths, garland and lighting are going up in homes all across the country. And as much as they set the mood for the season, they also make perfect hiding spots for pests and critters like mice, ants, spiders and ticks.

Likely, your decorations are stored in a dark and cool space like an attic, basement or garage. They sit undisturbed for most of the year and are probably easily accessible to pests in a cardboard box or garbage bag. Can you blame them for taking advantage?

Before Setting Up Decorations

Unpack and thoroughly inspect your holiday decorations outside of your main living areas, likely wherever the decorations are stored to begin with. You may find some unpleasant signs of life like chew marks, droppings or even pests themselves.

Shake your decor out before bringing it inside, especially anything resembling leaves, shrubs or trees. If you find droppings, skins or deceased pests, clean them up immediately and dispose of them outside.

The same rules apply if you are bringing in natural decorations like an authentic tree, wreath or poinsettia plant. Often, these items are left unattended and easily accessible to pests on a farm or in a store. Shake them off outside and give them a quick once-over before bringing them in.

Pay special attention to lighting and anything with wiring. These are prime targets for mice and can be dangerous to you and your family if they have been chewed through, leaving wiring exposed.

Store Decorations

If you discovered signs of pests this year as you were unpacking your decorations, it may be time to re-think the way you store them until next year. Invest in hard plastic bins with tight lids that will prevent anything from getting access.

And if you are disposing of the authentic decorations once the season is through, be sure to do so away from the home, like at the end of the driveway, so as not to attract mice and other rodents from building nests in the debris.

Call in the Pros

Whether you have an active infestation or just want to be prepared, call Pestmaster today. Our technicians will do a thorough inspection of your home (interior, exterior or both) to identify problems areas and then prescribe the ideal treatment to protect you and your family. Whether you have ants crawling all over your baking products in the pantry or a squirrel in your tree, we’re here for you.

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