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Sun’s Out, Bugs Out: Tips for Getting Your Backyard Ready for Summer Pests

Mosquito biting

Mosquito bitingThe days are longer, temperatures are rising and school is letting out. That can only mean one thing…summer is here. If you’re like millions of families across the country you may be dusting off the sprinklers, prepping your pool or getting out the patio furniture in preparation for the summer ahead.

As important as all of those things are to a great summer, pest control should be another item on your checklist to make your backyard the oasis your family deserves. Pests like ants, flies, wasps and mosquitoes are not only annoying and unsightly, but they can pose serious health risks to your family and friends. So, why not get ahead of it by fortifying your backyard against these leggy intruders. 

Here are some tips for getting your yard ready for summer pests.

Remove Standing Water and Declutter

Just a bottle cap full of water is enough for mosquitoes and other insects to breed. Clear out any standing water, and declutter the yard to remove items that have the potential to collect water in the future. This often includes toys, birdbaths, flowerpots, buckets, etc. Remember to remove piles of leaves and fallen branches as these can often attract bugs as well.

Keep it Tidy

Ticks, fleas and ants love to hide in tall grass and weeds. Keep your lawn trimmed and weeded throughout the summer to reduce the risk of attracting these bugs. Similarly, keep trees and shrubs trimmed back at least a foot from your home or any other building on your property. These often act as bridges or refuges for a number of insects and rodents, giving them easy access to your home.

Hide the Trash

Food and waste tend to attract a lot of insects and critters. Keep your trash bins sealed and stowed away, preferably in a shed or other outdoor container to reduce the risk of an infestation.

Check Screens and Keep Bug Spray on Hand

As much as you don’t want bugs in your backyard, you certainly don’t want them inside your home. Check all window and door screens before the peak summer season and repair any holes or tears. Just to be safe, keep plenty of bug spray handy for your family and friends. Choose one containing an EPA-registered active ingredient like DEET or Picaridin.

Hire a Professional

Although you can certainly handle the initial cleanup and maintenance of your yard to keep bugs at bay, why not add another layer of protection by hiring a professional pest management company? Regular treatments can not only help mitigate any active infestations, but they can also prevent future ones from occurring, allowing you to enjoy your yard carefree.

Pestmaster uses Integrated Pest Management techniques with a holistic approach in order to provide long-term solutions. Our highly trained technicians begin with a complete home inspection, focusing on hotspots where pests are known to flourish. Once we’ve diagnosed issues and considered all relevant factors, such as children and pets, we’ll determine the treatment strategy and techniques that will work best for your home, which may include treatment for an active infestation or preventative techniques.

Protect your backyard this summer, and take the work off your plate. Contact Pestmaster today to schedule an initial inspection and consultation.