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What Reno Residents Ought To Know About Do-It-Yourself Mouse Control

3 mice up close

3 mice up closeMice and rats worry people far more than insects, and it’s understandable. First off, they’re technically mammals, which makes them feel like a much larger threat. Second, they’re larger and thicker than any bug you may encounter. Third, they have teeth and can really sink into you if they decide to. That would make anyone uneasy. Then, there are the risks they pose. Rodents are known for spreading diseases and causing damage to homes, not to mention... they reproduce very quickly.

At the first sight of a rodent, homeowners want to protect themselves and their loved ones. Business owners will want to shield their investments. In that effort, Reno residents might buy various products to handle the issue independently. This would be a bad idea though. Learn why this is and how you can employ better preventive and elimination methods with help from Pestmaster® Services.

Why Is Professional Help Needed To Get Rid of Rodents?

There are a number of reasons “do-it-yourself” rodent control approaches won’t work:

  • To get the right product, you must accurately identify the species on your property. The average person won’t be able to do this. Plus, many rodents are difficult to catch because they’re nocturnal.
  • Traps have to be properly located, and rodents often live and hide, in hard-to-reach areas. Also, they’ll likely detect a human’s scent on the traps, and avoid them altogether.
  • Many retail products have only a temporary effect, and won’t address the infestation center.
  • Application instructions are frequently complicated and tough to understand. This can result in hazardous improper use.

Beyond these factors, handling rodents and their waste can be dangerous. These creatures have parasites in their fur and carry illness-causing bacteria.

Two of the most common rodents in Reno are Norway and roof rats. The Norway rat can grow as long as 15 inches, with tails around seven inches. Their fur is typically brown or gray. Roof rats are black or brown, and about the same size. Not only can these critters put your health on the line, but they also destroy property. They constantly gnaw on walls and wires. This chewing can cause electrical disruptions and fires.

Signs of infestation include:

  • Seeing capsule-like or pointy droppings less than an inch long
  • Spotting the oil stains rodents leave as they rub against walls
  • Catching rodents out during the day

What Can One Do To Prevent Rodents?

Keeping rodents out of your home will require paying attention to landscaping and the structure of your home or business. It will also involve basic and routine cleaning. The interior areas that will need the most monitoring will be crawlspaces, basements, attics, garages, and kitchens. These pests gravitate to moist and dark rooms that aren’t very busy. Try the following prevention methods:

  • Use tight storage containers for food and garbage.
  • Fix leaks and other moisture issues.
  • Close holes in and around foundations, utility lines, vents, windows, and doors. Use caulking where appropriate.
  • Maintain your lawn and greenery, and have it distanced from your building.
  • Clean your gutters often.
  • Reduce clutter.

How Can Pestmaster® Services Help With Rodents?

Pestmaster® Services has been in operation for over 40+ years. We have insect and creature elimination down to an art. When it comes to rodents, we utilize advanced trapping, baiting, exclusion, and habitat modification techniques. No mouse, rat, or similar creature will survive to bother you another day when you work with Pestmaster® Services. Because of the health risks these animals carry, we also do waste removal and decontamination for hantavirus. Hantavirus is one of the many conditions rodents are responsible for spreading. Our treatment plans are designed to isolate an array of other viruses and pathogens as well. Guard yourself, and call us today!