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Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents In Your Reno Home

Rodent infestation in a home

Rodent infestation in a homeWhen Reno residents think about rodent control, they typically think of mouse traps. While it's easy to find rodent-control tools in stores and online, it's hard to use them effectively. Find out why you shouldn't use DIY techniques for rodent control, and why you should call us at Pestmaster Services to get rid of your rodents.

The Problem With Rodents In Reno

In Reno, there are two main rodents that invade homes. When people hear scurrying inside their walls, rats and mice are the common culprits Typically, you won't have both rodents in your home. There are no rats when there are mice, and vice versa. You can tell which type you have by learning a few key differences.
Rats have naked tails, while mice have furry ones. A rat's ears are small, but a mouse's ears are large. Additionally, the legs on a rat appear shorter than the legs on a mouse. If you have questions about rodent identification, you can call our pest control company in Reno.

Why You Need A Professional

There are several reasons you shouldn't handle a rodent problem on your own. Instead of finding out why on your own, learn the reasons you need a professional for your rodent control.

1. Safety

Rodents are dangerous pests that can wreak havoc in your home. First and foremost, they have the potential to spread disease. If you have young children or seniors in your home, they are particularly vulnerable to the diseases spread by rodents. The presence of rodents can also trigger allergies, which can significantly affect your loved ones' quality of life. Another safety concern comes not in the form of a health hazard, but a fire hazard. Rodents like to chew on things, and often chew on electrical wires. When they do, they could start a fire. If you don't want to risk your home and family, you should consider taking some pest prevention steps.

2. DIY Methods Are Ineffective

Most homeowners are happy to try DIY methods of rodent control. This rarely yields successful results, however. DIY methods are typically ineffective and don't usually address the real issue. If you head to your local hardware store, you'll find several products aimed at rodent control but using them is difficult, and doesn't eliminate all rodents. As the remaining rodents reproduce, you'll find yourself with the same issue. Your rodents won't disappear without professional help.
The real issue is a lack of knowledge and training. If you don't know where rodents like to hide or how to use traps, you can't get rid of them. It takes an experienced, trained hand to treat rodent infestations. With training and resources, our technicians know the tricks to removing rodents.

3. Time Is Of The Essence

When it comes to rodent problems, time is of the essence. Rodents reproduce quickly, so it doesn't take long for them to take over a home. The longer you take to call a professional, the worse your issue will become. Your chances of becoming ill and experience serious property damage will also increase.

When you waste time with DIY fixes, your home is vulnerable. You will end up with more damage and trouble than if you had called a professional to begin with.

Work With Our Company

If you see rodent droppings, hear odd noises, or find chew marks on your walls and furniture, you could have rodents. Rather than wait for the problem to worsen, you need professional help. If you suspect rodents, contact our professionals at Pestmaster Services. We will develop a customized plan to rid your home of pests for good.