How To Make Sure You Are Prepared For Central New York's Termite Season

termite crawling on decayed wood

Termites don’t go completely dormant any time of the year, but Central New Yorkers may see more activity during a perceived subterranean termite season. Need a termite inspection? Seeking the best termite company near you in Central New York? Let Pestmaster® Services take care of a termite problem at home.

If a termite infested tree is seen on the premises, our technicians don’t stress; we get results for our clients! We can put our termite identification skills to work by establishing the best steps to get these pests out of the home for good.

When Is Termite Season In Central New York?

Learning more about termites means learning more about their habits and life cycle. Technically, termites don’t take a break as they stay active throughout the year. Colder months may slow down these pests’ movements, but a termite can’t be kept idle for long.

The busiest season for the subterranean termite is when it’s time to swarm. Reproductive members fly off in hopes of creating new colonies. These events usually occur each spring in Central New York when termites feel temperatures start to rise. Residents may see swarmer activity anywhere from early April into late May, depending on the weather.

How Do I Know If My Central New York Home Has Termites?

Looking for these wood-destroying organisms can teach homeowners more about termite identification. While some types of ants may closely resemble swarmers, a termite’s wings appear to be about the same length upon close inspection. An ant’s hind wings are shorter than its front wings. A termite has straight antennae, while an ant has antennae with a definite bend.

Have more questions about termites and if they could be invading? Obtaining a termite inspection from Pestmaster® Services can shed light on this topic.

What Does A Termite Infestation In Central New York Look Like?

While some residents may come across a termite infested tree while walking around their properties, this isn’t always the case. More often than not, a thorough check is necessary. A termite problem can be indicated by the following:

  • Frass: Notice any small piles that look like sawdust? These tiny heaps could be termite droppings, also referred to as frass. Left not too far from the colony's site, seeing these can indicate trouble.
  • Hollow Wood: Damaged wood is another sign that active termites are present. Since termites may not leave visual surface damage, it helps to tap or knock on wood to find areas that these pests may have ruined. Painted wood may have a bubbled appearance.
  • Mud Tubes: These brown tunnels are about the size and shape of a writing pen. Termites create these tubes to decrease the moisture they lose as they move. Usually found outside the structure, these creations can also be found indoors when infestations are particularly bad.
  • Swarmer Wings: Reproductive termites fly around and often lose their wings. Finding these wings can be disconcerting. Swarmer wings are commonly found in doorways, near light fixtures, and windowsills.

How Does Pestmaster® Services Get Rid Of Termites In Central New York?

Worried termites may be causing problems at home? Then it’s time to reach out to the best termite company near you. Don’t waste another minute!

Pestmaster® Services provides a comprehensive property inspection to determine the scope of this situation. Our skilled pest control technicians then develop a plan of action geared specifically for your home. Next, we carefully implement our eco-friendly strategies to handle termites in your Central New York home. We follow up our efforts to ensure termites stay gone for good.