The Best Protection From Dangerous Mosquitoes In Syracuse & Central New York


Everyone knows how annoying mosquitoes are during the summertime, but should they really be considered dangerous? Well, considering they've been labeled the deadliest creature on the planet, dangerous would be a massive understatement. Mosquitoes are responsible for over one million deaths each year, so while you're outside enjoying nature or taking care of your property, you'll want to make sure you're protected.

Mosquitoes In New York: Appearance, Facts, And Dangers

One great thing about living in a northern state is bugs don't grow too large up here. Some southern states are plagued by the gallinipper mosquito, which grows up to one inch in size, but thankfully residents in Syracuse and throughout central New York don't have to worry about that massive menace. The two most common dangerous mosquitoes around the area are common house mosquitoes and Asian tiger mosquitoes.

Common house mosquitoes are fairly small, roughly around ¼ of an inch long, with dusty gray to brown bodies. They invade homes fairly often, especially where excessive moisture is a problem. Asian tiger mosquitoes are roughly the same size, but with black and white markings over their bodies. They're more often found out in the wilderness, but have been known to invade the occasional property. Both of these species pose a significant threat to humans, simply because of the diseases they can carry:

  • West Nile Virus
  • Zika Virus
  • Several strains of Encephalitis
  • Chikungunya
  • Malaria
  • Dengue Fever

How To Stay Safe From Mosquitoes While Away From Your Syracuse Property

Summertime is the best time for outdoor activities, but it's also the only time of year that mosquitoes are most prevalent. Nobody wants a trip to the local park to be the reason behind contracting a potentially deadly disease, so taking a few extra steps to ensure protection is always a good idea. A few different things to keep in mind are common active times of the day, hotspot areas that harbor mosquitoes, exposed skin, and repellent.

Mosquitoes are more active in the hours between dusk and dawn, when the day is cooler and the heat has died down. These insects can't retain moisture very easily, so they stay hidden during the hotter hours of the day; usually within heavily shaded areas, overgrown grass, dense underbrush, and near areas where stagnant water can be found. Long sleeves, pants, and high rise socks may not be practical when it's hot out, but during the cooler parts of the day they may be crucial to staying bite-free. When in doubt, though, always use insect repellent to keep them away.

How To Keep Your Syracuse Home And Property Protected Against Mosquitoes

Mosquito prevention starts with generalized lawn care and maintenance. You may already do a lot to care for your property, but there are plenty of other ways to prevent mosquitoes from inhabiting your lawn:

  • Weekly lawn mowing and weed-eating
  • Clear out any thick underbrush around the perimeter of your property
  • Remove any mulch, wood, and debris piles from your property
  • Try not to over-water your garden; trim back plants and remove weeds regularly
  • Ensure your lawn is draining properly by aerating the soil
  • Trim bushes and low-hanging tree branches
  • Dump out any water-collecting receptacles; wash and rinse them thoroughly

Mosquitoes are difficult pests that require professional care. Hiring a licensed professional, like our highly-trained pest technicians at Pestmaster Services, is the best way to not only eliminate an infestation but also prevent them from coming back. We don't just focus on extermination, we want to make sure you never have to deal with pests again, and we always put customer safety at the top of our priorities. That's why we only use the latest pest control equipment and family-friendly pesticides in all of our treatments. We know you're itching for relief, so get in contact with us today!