How to Tell if Your Syracuse Home Has Cockroaches

a cockroach crawling in a kitchenIf you were to see an insect or creature in your Syracuse home, you’d likely wonder how it got in. You also might be concerned that there’s more. Your mind would then turn to infestation worries and potential dangers. Many pests can multiply at the speed of light, wreck things, and spread diseases. If the critter is from a species that’s known for being tough to exterminate, all of these troubles could become extensive real quick.

Cockroaches multiply at a fast pace and can tear up your stuff. Even worse, they are a hazard to your health. You can learn ways to prevent their intrusions and identify an infestation by reading about them. Further, you can get an understanding of what Pestmaster® Services can do to save the day.

Syracuse Cockroach Risks & Infestation Signs

American, German, and Oriental cockroaches are very prevalent in the region. The American subspecies are reddish-brown and about three inches long. German ones are tan or light brown, and around a half an inch long. Their young are black, but all have stripes on their heads. Oriental roaches are black or reddish-brown, and about an inch long.

These four items are indications of an infestation:

1. Eggs: Cockroaches usually leave their eggs in basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. They don’t come in just one color or size; shades include brown, red, black, and tan. They could be as long as one inch.

2. Droppings: You’ll find roach pellets in floor corners and drawers. They’ll also be around door frames and ceiling fixtures, and on surfaces. American roach feces have ridges and round tips. German fecal matter is speckled like pepper grains.

3. Odors: These insects emit a foul and musty chemical to communicate. The chemical changes the scent and flavor of food roaches inhabit.

4. Sightings: Most cockroaches are nocturnal and are sensitive to light, so seeing one in daylight means you have a large infestation on your hands.

Regardless of type, all cockroaches can spread illness-causing bacteria. On their bodies are countless germs that increase in number when they sift through carcasses, sewage, and trash. The spines on their legs pull up further microorganisms. Contamination occurs when these critters crawl on food and on surfaces while letting out urine, feces, and saliva. Humans can consequently catch things like salmonella, gastroenteritis, viruses, and pathogens. Those with allergies or asthma will be affected in particular. Regarding property damage, American cockroaches can ruin paper materials and fabrics.

Cockroach Prevention Techniques

Cockroaches enter homes seeking warmth, food, and water. With that in mind, making your home less attractive to them will require the following:

  • Put food and trash in containers with tight-fitting lids.

  • Clean your dishes, vacuum, and take out the garbage regularly.

  • Trim and groom your lawn routinely. Situate plants at least two feet away from the structure.

  • Repair any leaks and other moisture problems.

  • Add sweeps to exterior doors.

  • Close up any openings around foundations, doors, windows, and utilities. Cockroaches can get through holes of any size.

Pestmaster® Services Cockroach Elimination

Cockroaches are formidable bugs; that’s why you shouldn’t waste time or money trying to kill them yourself. The average commercial product will be weak and won’t address entryways. We at Pestmaster® Services have tools and treatments designed to eliminate cockroaches and their nests. Our industrial-grade sprays, gels, and baits will be no threat to you, your pets, or the yard. Our team is skilled, careful, and professional. Don’t wait until you see more of these disgusting insects before you contact us, either. One is a red flag! Call us today!