Get Rid Of Flies In Your Salt Lake City Home


Salt Lake City homeowners may be surprised to know how many different kinds of flies can be commonly found in our area. Read on to discover the different kinds of flies found in Salt Lake City homes, prevention tips, and when to call Pestmaster® Services for assistance.

Common Types Of Flies In Salt Lake City

There are several species of flies commonly found in Salt Lake City. Some of these types of flies include:

  • House Flies: House flies are dark gray in color, have six legs, antennae, and are easily recognized by their bulbous eyes. They grow to be up to ¼ inch in size, have wings, and have slightly hairy bodies. House flies do not bite or sting; instead, they use their saliva to liquefy their food so they can suck it back up. House flies feed on some pretty disgusting things, including garbage, decaying organisms, and fecal matter. House flies spread 65 diseases, including typhoid fever, dysentery, and tuberculosis.
  • Drain Flies: Drain flies are black or gray in color and grow around 1/16 of an inch in size. Because they are covered in hair, drain flies are commonly mistaken for moths. Drain flies are aptly named because they congregate around drains and sewers, feeding off the organic material and water. Drain flies do not bite or carry diseases; however, they can reproduce at alarming rates and cause quite a nuisance for homeowners and business owners.
  • Cluster Flies: Cluster flies are similar to house flies, only larger, growing to be up to ½ inch in size. Cluster flies do not carry diseases like house flies and rely on earthworms to survive. They tend to congregate near windows if trapped inside.
  • Fruit Flies: Fruit flies are prevalent in homes and restaurants. They are roughly ⅛ inch long and are tan and black with red eyes. Fruit flies lay their eggs and feed on fruit and vegetables. Fruit flies will also congregate near sinks or garbage cans.

What Attracts Flies To Salt Lake City Homes

There are many things that flies are attracted to, depending on the species. Mainly, flies are attracted to food sources and water sources. Keeping moisture issues addressed and keeping food stored in airtight containers is crucial to keeping your family safe from a fly infestation. House flies are also attracted to garbage, so keeping your garbage tightly sealed is vital to keep flies away.

Fly Prevention Tips For Salt Lake City Homes

Knowing what you can do to help deter flies from invading your home is the first step in fly prevention in your Salt Lake City Home. Once flies get inside, it is more difficult to remove them. Follow these simple steps to prevent flies from invading your Salt Lake City home:

  • Inspect your home for areas where flies could be coming inside.
  • Replace worn and torn screens.
  • Install weather stripping on doors and windows.
  • Address moisture issues, fix leaky pipes, eliminate any standing water.
  • Keep fruits and vegetables stored in airtight containers.
  • Keep trash cans tightly covered.
  • Contact the professionals at Pestmaster® Services at the first sign of a fly infestation.

How To Get Rid Of Flies In Salt Lake City Homes

The best way to get rid of flies in your Salt Lake City Home is by calling Pestmaster® Services. Our pest specialists will inspect your home and decide the best course of action to suit your fly infestation needs. Call Pestmaster® Services today to get your free quote and get rid of flies for good.