How to Tell if Your Pittsburgh Home Has Bed Bugs

bed bugs crawling on human skinPeople don’t realize just how hard identifying a pest problem can truly be. For one, invasive pests are good at hiding until the evidence of their behavior is too apparent to prevent. For another, some pests are so small you can barely see them. Bed bugs might be the toughest pest to prevent for these reasons, and learning how to detect the early signs and act fast may help save you from pesky bites.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on larger animal hosts, biting their skin in order to draw out nutrients in the bloodstream. They don’t just rely on people and pets for food, however. Bed bugs also cling to clothing and hair in order to hitch a ride from one place to the next. It’s this behavior that makes them so easy to introduce to your home, and why their bites are often the first sign of bed bugs in your Pittsburgh home.

The pests themselves are incredibly small, smaller even than most ant and tick species. However, bed bugs can be seen by the naked eye and only diligent homeowners can hope to find them before a population grows out of control. In fact, because it is so hard to pick up on such small features, bed bugs are often confused for these other small parasitic pests. Here are things to look for:

  • Size: Bed bugs are often confused for fleas, and vice versa. Both are smaller than an apple seed and both can cling to hair and clothing when they aren’t dug into cushions and fabric materials.
  • Color: Bed bugs are brown in color and are a lot easier to detect when they infest light-colored fabrics.
  • Eggs: Bed bug eggs are pepper-like flakes that are often found stashed in darker areas close to feeding spots.

Signs Of Bed Bug Activity

While it is important to know what bed bugs look like, you’re far more likely to see the evidence of them than you are to spot bed bugs themselves, especially once an infestation is just getting started. It’s in those crucial early stages that it’s the easiest to clamp down on bed bugs, so it’s important to be on the lookout for these telltale signs:

  • Bites: Unfortunately, bites are often the first and only sign homeowners get that bed bugs are present. The small, itchy welts are often found in lines or clumps.
  • Dotting: Because they pierce through the skin to access blood, parasitic bed bugs can cause red spots on your bedding and furniture.
  • Stains: Yellow stains are another sign of bed bugs, which leave nasty traces behind as they hatch and abandon their shed skins.

Don’t Risk It, Call The Pros

If you notice any of these signs of bed bug activity, you need to act fast to avoid the population growing even larger. Rather than try ineffective at-home solutions or store-bought methods, the smart choice is to turn right to the experts.

At Pestmaster® Services, our trained staff can schedule an inspection of your home right away, so we can determine your level of risk and exposure to bed bugs or other pests. We’ll work with you to implement proven prevention or elimination solutions. Only professional treatments are guaranteed to root out and remove all the adult bed bugs and the unhatched eggs that lead to future outbreaks. Over-the-counter sprays or other methods don’t provide that peace of mind, especially when average homeowners don’t know all the places they need to apply treatments in order to be truly effective. Don’t waste crucial time or money on other avenues. For complete and effective bed bug control, trust Pestmaster® Services.