Why DIY Pest Control Options In Philadelphia Often Fail

an residential building protected by general pest controlA lot of Philadelphia residents procrastinate with, or are reluctant about, professional pest control. They might be concerned about the expense or think that hazardous chemicals will be involved. Some are worried about their routine being disrupted. Others assume they can handle intruding critters on their own, and look to “do it yourself” methods. They might search for tips online, or go to a local store and buy cheap insecticides. In theory, this is a great idea that will save money and yield positive results. It’s only in theory, though.

Many “DIY” tricks and hacks don’t work. In fact, they frequently make pest issues worse. This means three things. One, more hard-earned dollars will be wasted over time. Two, frustration, stress and worry will build. Three, the damage and harm by surrounding insects and creatures will continue. Some species destroy property and/or spread disease. Going the DIY route just isn’t worth it. Find out why DIY ineffective, and how Pestmaster® Services can resolve your problems.

What Makes DIY Pest Methods Ineffective? What Bugs Are Non-DIY?

A few reasons “do it yourself” tactics don’t work are:

  • Some items are designed for temporary use, or wear off quickly.
  • Most bugs and animals have multiple sub-species. Each reacts differently to various treatments. What works with one type, may not with another. Further, the average person doesn’t have the expertise to accurately identify each pest.
  • Common retail insecticides are either too potent or not potent enough. Those that are especially strong can be unsafe for humans and pets. Others just treat on the surface and don’t reach the heart of an infestation.
  • The application instructions on products can be tough to understand. This leads to improper use.
  • It’s hard to find the central nest of some creepy crawlers.
  • Insects and animals that rapidly reproduce are challenging to get ahead of with an ordinary product. Many are just plain resistant.

Several bugs require professional assistance to eliminate. Examples include bed bugs, termites and ants. To get rid of bed bugs, you have to kill every egg, baby and adult. They’re so tiny, locating them all would be nearly impossible. Also, they have loads of hiding places. Termites necessitate industrial-strength treatments only pest control professionals have. These destroyers eat wood and usually go undetected, putting your property at structural risk. Commercial sprays and liquids can cause ants to scatter. Rather than leave your home or establishment, they’ll just create a new nest in another spot.

How Can Pestmaster® Services Help? What Is Offered?

You’ll have plenty of affordable options for control and care with Pestmaster® Services. We offer quarterly, monthly and bi-monthly subscription packages, so you’ll have as many visits as you like. We understand that protecting your lawn and loved ones from chemicals is a priority. That’s why we incorporate Residential Vegetation Management and Residential Health-Related Vector Control in all we do. Our liquids, sprays, baits, gels, traps and other products are environmentally safe too.

Our rescue efforts begin with a thorough inspection. We’ll point out how pests got in, where they’re living, and how you can prevent them going forward. Then, we’ll develop a plan custom-made for your situation. Treatment will be completed, and we’ll collaborate with you on following up in the future. We’ll always have your back; you won’t feel abandoned or alone.

For decades, we’ve proudly served our community. We hold memberships with numerous industry associations and organizations, such as the National Pest Management Association. You’ll be in capable hands with Pestmaster® Services. Call us today for a free quote or inspection! You have nothing to lose but bugs.