Three Things Everyone in Philadelphia Ought to Know About Cockroaches

an american cockroach crawling on a boardThe average Philadelphia resident wouldn't be interested in learning about cockroaches, and it’s understandable. Cockroaches are one of the most hated bugs in the country. They’re ugly looking, icky, and hard to control. They seem to show up out of the blue and take over. It’s no surprise that people want to avoid them at all costs. Folks don’t want to even think about them, much less read about or study them. The thing is, gaining knowledge about cockroaches is the only way to ward them off in the first place. Find out now how to notice and prevent local roaches, and how Pestmaster® Services can assist. Here are three things to keep in mind:

1. There Are Three Key Infestation Signs

American, brown-banded, German and oriental cockroaches are the most common kinds in Philadelphia. They each vary in size and color, but the infestation indicators are the same. Be on the lookout for the following:

  • Droppings: American roach pellets are similar to mouse droppings. They’re small and have blunted ends and ridged sides. The brown-banded type leaves brown and black smudges or specks. German cockroaches have pepper-like fecal matter. You’re liable to find droppings on surfaces, and in drawers and corners.
  • Eggs: Cockroach eggs range in size from 13/64 of an inch, to a little over an inch long. They can be black, red, tan, and/or brown. They contain dozens of individual eggs. You might see them in basements, garages, kitchens and bathrooms. Roaches also lay them under appliances, cabinets, and storage.
  • Odor: Many roaches communicate by emitting a “musty” body chemical. This chemical can change the smell and flavor of the food roaches infest.

2. Cockroaches Can Put You In the Hospital

Part of what makes roaches gross is that they carry bacteria. They contaminate food and surfaces when they crawl on them and leave waste. Pathogens and viruses are some of the things they can spread. They can also trigger asthmatic reactions.

3. There Are Ways to Prevent Cockroaches, But You’ll Need Professional Help To Get Rid Of Them

You can make your home or business less attractive to cockroaches with these actions:

  • Close holes in foundations, doors, and windows. You can try using caulking. Cockroaches can crawl in openings smaller than an inch in diameter.
  • Add sweeps to all exterior doors.
  • Repair plumbing leaks and moisture issues. These pests thrive in damp environments.
  • To reduce the number of food sources for roaches, routinely take out the trash. Also, wash dishes and clean up food messes immediately.
  • Put food in air-tight containers.
  • Groom greenery and have it several feet from your building.
  • Manage humidity levels.
  • Inspect packages and second-hand items before bringing them indoors.

If a roach infestation happens, don’t try to handle it by yourself. Each roach species responds to retail insecticides differently. Some are resistant to them, while others will just scatter and build a nest in another place. It’s difficult to accurately identify each sub-group. Even if you were able to and bought an applicable product, understanding the instructions can be challenging. You could end up spending a lot of money on ineffective methods. Exterminating roaches successfully requires professional resources.

You can spare yourself the hassle with Pestmaster® Services. Our trained technicians have the expertise to quickly locate roach entry points and breeding grounds. They’ll know exactly which type of cockroach you’re dealing with, and will properly use the right treatment. Whether a gel, spray, liquid, bait, or fog is utilized, it will kill these bugs where they stand. You’ll be in good hands with us. Protect you and your loved ones from the health hazard that is cockroaches. Call us today!