Should I Be Worried About Carpenter Bees Found Around My Albany Home?

Carpenter Bees

Stinging insects can be challenging to deal with. Whether bees or wasps, no one wants to have an insect around them that can sting. But, stinging insects in Albany can do more than pose health risks. Some are pretty destructive. The carpenter bee is the most damaging bee species because it can tunnel through wooden items to build its nests. However, unlike termites, they don’t eat wood; they only use it to tunnel into. In this guide, you'll learn more about carpenter bees in Albany, including how to remove them from your property effectively.

How To Identify Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees share many similarities to other bee species in the area. They have round bodies and a fuzzy appearance, unlike wasps which are sleek and slim. But you can identify carpenter bees over other species like honey bees and bumblebees by looking at a few characteristics.

First, you should look at their coloring. Carpenter bees don’t have striped markings but instead are primarily dark brown or black with some yellow behind their heads. Second, look at how much fur they have. Most other bees have fuzz all over their bodies, but carpenter bees usually have some behind their heads.

Does Anything Instantly Kill Carpenter Bees?

When attempting to get rid of carpenter bees on your Albany property, you might try to use at-home remedies or over-the-counter (OTC) products. However, these methods aren’t as effective as you’d think. While you might kill some of these bees, especially on direct contact, you likely won’t remove the entire infestation. Carpenter bees bore into wooden objects, making them difficult to locate and eliminate.

Instead of wasting time trying to implement Albany bee control on your own, it’s much more effective to let the professionals at Pestmaster® Services handle the problem.

What Damages Can Carpenter Bees Cause In Albany?

Carpenter bees can cause damage around your property, but luckily, they aren’t usually as destructive as termites. For one thing, they don’t eat wood, and they also tend to tunnel into softer, untreated wooden structures. This means it can be easier to keep carpenter bees out than termites.

You should start by focusing on treating decks, siding, and other wooden objects around your property using paint or wood stain. You can also prevent carpenter bees in New York by removing water damaged or weathered wood from around the yard.

But, keep in mind that while carpenter bees tend to invade wooden items outside, they can sometimes find their way into the structure of homes. If you see any signs of carpenter bee activity or damage, it’s best to act fast before the infestation worsens.

What Is The Best Treatment For Carpenter Bees?

While there are ways to deter carpenter bees independently, contact the home pest control experts if you already have an active infestation. At Pestmaster® Services, we provide year-round Albany pest control services that address carpenter bees and other destructive pests in the area. Learn more about how we can eliminate carpenter bee infestations by giving us a call today.