How To Determine What Kind Of Ants Are Inside Your Hudson Valley Home

AntsHaving ants in your home is a common pest problem here in Hudson Valley. Most of the time, these small insects come into area homes to look for food, moisture, and shelter. This is of course annoying to deal with. What you may not think about, however, is that some species of ants in our area do more than just steal food and crawl over countertops. Here is how to identify ants and how to get rid of ants if they invade your Hudson Valley home.

How To Identify The Type Of Ants Infesting Your Hudson Valley Home

There are more than a few species of ants that live here in Hudson Valley. We have odorous house ants, Pharaoh ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants, and a few others that do not invade homes often.

  • Identify an odorous house ant by its 1/16 to ⅛” long, brown to black body, and its unevenly shaped abdomen.
  • Identify a Pharaoh ant by its 1/16” long, pale yellow to red body, and its darker colored abdomen.
  • Identify a pavement ant by its ⅛ long, dark brown to black body.
  • Identify a carpenter ant by its ⅝” long, red, black, or red and black body and its large head and mandibles.

The Problems Ants Can Cause On Your Hudson Valley Property

Two questions every homeowner should have about ants are: are ants dangerous and are ants destructive? The answers to these questions are: some ants are dangerous and some are destructive. Carpenter ants build their nests into wooden structures. If your home’s wood is accessible and easily chewable, carpenter ants will munch into it to build their nests. This causes extensive damage over time and can cost a lot of money to have repaired. On the other side of the spectrum, species like Pharaoh ants are directly harmful to human health because of the diseases they can carry. Two common sicknesses these pests spread are salmonellosis and staphylococcus.

How To Get Rid Of Ants In Hudson Valley & Keep Them Away

The more you research ants, the more you will want to find options on how to get rid of ants. We are here today to tell you that ant pest control is easier than you might think. At Pestmaster® Services, we put great effort into making sure our ant control solutions are affordable, effective, and reliable. We do this so that every home we treat has the absolute best chance possible to stay ant-free, year-round. In addition to this, our ant control for homeowners is custom-designed to fit each of our clients’ individual needs. It doesn’t get better than that. All you have to do to get quality ant control solutions for your home is to reach out to our team at Pestmaster® Services today.

Natural Ant-Prevention Tips For Hudson Valley Properties

Once your home is fully cleared of ant problems, your next step should be to put in place some preventative measures to keep ants away. You can do this with DIY or with a professional pest control plan. If you choose DIY home pest control for ants, here are a few things you will have to do.

  • Make sure your home’s exterior is properly sealed.
  • Eliminate sources of water-build up around your property.
  • Make sure your gutters are working properly.
  • Clean your yard and keep up with your landscaping.
  • Keep your home as clean as possible and do your best to keep clutter to a minimum.

Contact Pestmaster® Services if you want to find out more about our affordable and effective ongoing ant control options or to schedule your Hudson Valley home for a detailed inspection.