Are Earwigs In Hudson Valley Something To Worry About?

an earwig crawling on a plantSome creatures look deceptively scary. Others do not look scary enough. One great example of a creature that many people overestimate is the earwig. With a name like that and a pincher that looks like it could take off a finger, it is no wonder that people fear this bug. Today we are going to be uncovering the truths about earwigs; answering the question: Do earwigs bite, sting, or pinch?; and providing some information to help you control these pests around your Hudson Valley home.

What Do Earwigs In Hudson Valley Look Like?

If you have never seen an earwig and you are wondering: what does an earwig look like? it is quite simple. This pest is long, has yellow-colored legs, a brown body, segmented bent antennae, and a large pair of pinchers at its rear. You are most likely to find an earwig around your home inside mulch, moist soil, or garden areas. These pests prefer moisture and seclusion and are sensitive to hot air and dry weather. From time to time, earwigs will find their way into homes and become a problem. What do earwigs do indoors? Well, earwigs in a house might consume indoor plants and gravitate to humid areas like laundry rooms, basements, and kitchens. 

What Attracts Earwigs To Your Hudson Valley Home?

When it comes to what attracts earwigs, there is one thing these pests need more than anything else, safety. If the weather outdoors is exceptionally hot and dry, earwigs will look for places nearby to hide. If your home’s exterior has gaps, cracks, or other entry points, these pests might crawl inside. Usually, however, earwigs do not survive for long periods indoors because they cannot find a steady source of plants to live on. If you have live, ornamental plants indoors, these dangerous-looking bugs will have no problem sustaining themselves for longer periods of time. 

Five Myths About Earwigs 

One thing earwigs are known for is having lots of things believed about them that aren’t true. Here are five myths that might help you better understand these pests.

Myth ONE: Earwigs crawl into people’s ears.

Truth: Earwigs do their best to avoid crawling into ears and will only do so if forced or if it seems like the only option to avoid harm.

Myth TWO: Earwigs lay eggs in people’s brains.

Truth: Earwigs lay eggs outdoors under wet leaves and in other protected and moist areas.

Myth THREE: Earwigs are incredibly dangerous.

Truth: Although earwigs can cause pain and slightly pierce human skin with their pinchers, they are not a huge threat to people or animals. 

Myth FOUR: Earwigs are aggressive. 

Truth: Earwigs go out of their way to avoid interacting with humans and other animals. The only time this pest will attack is if they feel trapped or directly threatened. 

Myth FIVE: All earwigs can fly. 

Truth: Although most species of earwigs have wings, not all fly. Even earwigs that do fly are not great at it and only use their wings when absolutely necessary.

How To Keep Your Hudson Valley Home Earwig Free

If you are dealing with earwigs in your house and you want these pests out fast, trust the experts at Pestmaster® Services. We offer a range of pest control services to help locals with all types of invasive and problematic types of pests. We will put in place quick-working solutions to help you avoid an earwig pinch or other problems caused by these annoying pests.

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