Are You Worried About Ticks In Hudson Valley?

American Dog tick up close

Did you know that your home could be at risk for ticks in Hudson Valley? Ticks are terrible parasites that can latch onto a host, such as you or an animal and feed on your blood. The ticks' blood contact with their host can be very harmful to the host's health.

It would be best to be careful when you or your pets are around your yard in Hudson Valley because grass can hide ticks from view. Vigilance alone will not protect you, and if the problem becomes too much, you should enlist the aid of a Hudson Valley Pest Control company sooner rather than later.

How Do Ticks Spread Diseases?

There are many different types of ticks in Hudson Valley, and all of them are dangerous due to the very nature of being a tick. Ticks are parasites, meaning their survival depends on leaching off a host for nutrients. While ticks will latch onto you and burrow into your skin, they will steal your blood and can potentially inflict all manner of diseases upon you.

These diseases can be many things, from Lyme diseases to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. These diseases can cause brain problems, puffy swelling, and even death if not treated properly. When confronted with this problem in your home, the best thing you can do is to figure out the best way to get rid of ticks before they can cause this kind of damage.

Common Ticks In The Hudson Valley Area

You'll find over 800 different species of ticks worldwide, but when it comes to your home in Hudson Valley, you don't need to worry about that many. The most common ticks around your home typically are:

  • Lone star ticks
  • Black-legged ticks
  • Dog ticks
Ticks can hide in tall grass and travel into your yard latched onto another pest or person. Ticks will crawl onto your pants or shoes and keep going until they find skin and blood they can make a meal of. If you think you've been bitten you should do a full body check and wash your clothing thoroughly.

The Six Best Ways To Get Rid Of & Prevent Ticks

Finding natural tick prevention can be hard because of all the unreliable DIYs you have to wade through. Many tips don't work for preventing ticks or are not as effective as you'd like them to be. However, there are a few tips and tricks that do work, such as the following:

  • Tuck your pants into your socks when moving through the grass.
  • Wear bright colors so you can spot dark-colored ticks against your clothing easier.
  • Eliminate any brush, grass, or leave debris from around your yard.
  • Plant eucalyptus around your yard.
  • Keep your grass cut short and any landscaping well-maintained.
  • Spread diatomaceous earth around your home and yard.

You can protect your home and prevent ticks around your yard by regularly keeping up with these steps. If you take some time each week to ensure you follow these steps, it can ensure that you are doing everything you can before a professional team is needed.

Keep Ticks Out Of Your Yard Forever!

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