The Trick to Keeping Flies Out of Your Hudson Valley Home

cluster fly on wood

Getting rid of house flies can be no small task. Seeing house flies in bathroom and kitchen areas? The best way to get rid of house flies in Hudson Valley is to contact our team at Pestmaster® Services. Even if homeowners have tried to get rid of flies using foggers or essential oils to keep flies away, there could be few results. When residents need to keep flies away for good, professional assistance is required.

What Causes Fly Infestations In Hudson Valley Homes?

The trick to knowing how to prevent an enemy is learning more about it. Why are there flies in some New York homes while others are free of these pests? There are a few reasons that could shed some light on this topic:

  • Easy Entry: Why should a fly struggle if it doesn’t have to? If one home has screens and tightly sealed exterior doors, flies can buzz on over to another house where doors are frequently left open, windows have damaged screens, and storm doors are in ill repair.
  • Garbage: Trash is a delight to the house fly; that’s why some residents may see house flies in bathroom and kitchen garbage bins. If all household trash is frequently emptied into outside cans, flies won’t be tempted.
  • Specific Temperature: Flies like a warm air current that hovers around 83 degrees. If these pests can feel the airflow from outside, they may not be able to resist the urge to try getting inside the house.
  • Waste: Pet waste is a sought-after treat for these nasty bugs. If the litter box is not cleaned out at least once a day, house flies could seek this delicacy. Dog waste also attracts house flies. Even if dog messes are in the yard, flies are attracted to it, giving them easier access to the main residence.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Flies In My Hudson Valley Home?

Even just one little fly can spread any number of diseases, so it is essential to keep flies away from the house. Considering all the scary-looking insects and pests that bite, it’s strange to think that a house fly can be one of the most dangerous pests. Many bites can heal, but the disease can take a toll on a victim.

The house fly can spread 100-plus pathogens that lead to conditions such as salmonellosis and typhoid. These filthy insects crawl all through disgusting matter, then fly in homes and land right on food that’s about to be eaten. It’s no wonder homeowners would prefer to take a hard pass on this scenario.

Effective Fly Prevention Tips For Hudson Valley Homes

Some essential oils to keep flies away are better than nothing, but generally, it’s best to take a more comprehensive approach. Getting rid of flies requires cooperation from all household members but is not impossible:

  • Deter Entry: Prevent flies from being able to get inside. Install window screens and repair any that are compromised. Storm doors can also be helpful. Seal around exterior door and window frames or use weather stripping if need be. Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible.
  • Pick Up After Pets: Clean up after Miss Kitty and Mr. Puppy, so house flies are left without favorite snacks.
  • Stay On Top Of Trash: Regularly remove household garbage. Empty trash into an exterior can be stored away from the house and use a tight-fitting lid that stays shut.

Total Fly Control For Hudson Valley Homes

The best way to get rid of flies permanently is to reach out for professional help from Pestmaster® Services. Our highly skilled technicians don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach; we customize treatments that work to keep Hudson Valley homes pest-free.