How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Albany Home This Winter

a squirrel climbing a wall

This far north, you can understand why some animals might prefer the inside of your home to a tree when the weather turns. But, while you may be able to empathize, that doesn’t mean squirrels are welcome to make a home among your storage items. Keep reading for more on squirrels in Albany, how they may damage your home and put your health at risk, as well as how to get rid of rodents like squirrels.

The Types Of Squirrels That Hang Around Albany Yards

There are many different types of rodents that might try to get into your house this winter, and while you may expect mice and rats, you should be aware of the furry-tailed rodents as well. While they may seem more approachable than rats, squirrels are still rodents.

The gray squirrel is what most people picture when they think of a squirrel. With brown and gray intermixed hairs on their backs, they usually have cream-colored bellies that extend to their nose and mouth. Their fluffy, banner-like tails are an easy identifier as well. As cute as they are, these yard rodents are just that, rodents. With them comes a few property threats and health risks that are worth considering.

Another common rodent in Albany yards is the red squirrel. While smaller, red squirrels are much more aggressive than gray squirrels. While their outercoats are similarly intermixed with gray and brown, you may notice a reddish tinge, not only on their coats but on their tails.

Rodents in attics pose a whole new range of issues that extend beyond health risks, including damage to insulation, electrical wiring, wood floors and timbers, and stored property damage.

Bad Weather Means Squirrels May Try To Find Shelter Inside

Rodents, in general, tend to seek out friendlier conditions indoors, but squirrels aren’t particularly suited to extremely low temperatures. While tree squirrels don’t hibernate like a bear might, they still prepare for cold weather by building up stores of food and hunkering down to last through bad weather. If they choose your attic to do this, you may have a family of yard rodents intent on becoming house rodents.

Four Practical Prevention Tips To Keep Squirrels From Getting Inside

For the most part, squirrels are going to find a way into your house from up high. To keep yourself from having rodents in attic rafters, try these tips:

  1. Trim back tree limbs so they aren’t near to or hanging over your roof.
  2. Seal gaps in your roof or around your attic with silicone-based caulk and steel wool.
  3. Install a wire cage over your ventilation fan.
  4. Paint and maintain wood around your roof and attic to dissuade squirrels from chewing their way in.

If you find yourself needing rodent removal rather than prevention advice, the best way to deal with these furry-tailed rodents is with professional help.

Contact The Professionals For Total Squirrel Control For Your Home

To get rid of rodents in Albany, you can trust Pestmaster® Services. We can help you deal with all types of rodents that may take over your home. At Pestmaster® Services, wildlife control is just one of our many service offerings. As a company that is equipped to deal with wildlife, we can take care of your squirrel problem while maintaining legal protection of the animals. We can also offer preventative help, sanitization services, and attic remediation for the damage done when squirrels moved in. For help with your wildlife tenants, call Pestmaster® Services for fast, professional help that can make it feel like they were never there at all.