How To Get Rid Of German Cockroaches In Your Albany Home Fast!

a german cockroach in a kitchenGerman cockroaches are the most common species of indoor cockroach in the United States, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be surprised and horrified to see them in your home. Cockroaches are one of the filthiest pests homeowners have to deal with, and unfortunately, they are not easy to get rid of once they’ve established a presence indoors. To learn more about German cockroach identification and their dangers, as well as how to get rid of them with pest control in Albany, keep reading.

How To Identify German Cockroaches

German cockroach identification is a little tricker than with other types of cockroaches because they aren’t as brazen about being out and about in your house as some other species. German cockroaches only grow to around ⅝ of an inch and are light brown in color. They have two dark, parallel stripes behind their heads.

While cockroaches are more likely to be found where the food is, especially kitchens, if crumbs are hiding away anywhere, they can also trek to bedrooms and living rooms and make a decent living. If it comes right down to it, German cockroaches can live on soap and glue, so there’s no lack of food for them when they make it inside. Even so, if you’re wondering what keeps cockroaches away, a well-sanitized home free of lingering food is a great start.

Dangerous Diseases German Cockroaches Are Known To Spread

Most are aware that German cockroaches can cause asthma and allergies, sometimes severely. Some symptoms of an allergic reaction to cockroaches include runny, itchy, watery, or swollen eyes, rash, runny nose, cough, and difficulty breathing. Some names of diseases you might recognize that are spread by German cockroaches include dysentery, cholera, and salmonellosis. Overall, these sewer-crawling, debris-eating bugs are known to carry over 30 different kinds of bacteria, six parasitic worms, and seven other pathogens transmissible to humans.

Why German Cockroaches Are So Hard To Get Rid Of On Your Own

You may have heard the legend that cockroaches can live a week without their heads. Well, this isn’t a tall tale. Not only can they live a week without a head, but they can also live almost an hour without oxygen, a month without food, and are resistant to many poisons.

Another consideration when trying to figure out what’s going to be the best German cockroach killer for your infestation is that these guys come in large numbers and reproduce quickly. Getting rid of large numbers of any kind of pest won’t be easy, but for a pest as difficult to eradicate as a cockroach, it’s next to impossible without professional help. Don’t stress over over-the-counter methods that are more likely to poison you than the cockroaches. Poisoning dangerous pests is best left to the best cockroach pest control in Albany.

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of German Cockroaches

With pests as filthy as these, it’s better not to risk coming into contact with them or the poisons that may affect your health. Leave it to Pestmaster® Services, the best German cockroach killer. Not only can we take care of any existing pest problems, but as residential pest control professionals who are concerned with the health and safety of our community, we like to help our customers learn what keeps cockroaches away. This includes providing educational material that will help you fortify your home against pests for the long term. Extermination is just one part of pest control, and Pestmaster® Services wants to give you every tool at your disposal to protect your home. For cockroach pest control in Albany, you can trust Pestmaster® Services.