How To Repel Mosquitoes Away From Your Albany Yard

mosquito biting on skin.

You might not know much about mosquitoes around your home in Albany, and that’s okay. There isn’t much to know. They can be aggravating, and their bite can leave you itching and irritated for days. Aside from how annoying these bugs can be, did you know that mosquitoes are quite dangerous?

Nearly everywhere you go, Albany or the other side of the world, you’ll encounter mosquitoes. While some months are not as populated as others, when they show up around your yard, you’ll want to call in a trusted Albany pest control company like ours to keep them away.

The Life Cycle Of Mosquitoes

There are over 3,000 types of mosquitoes worldwide, which is just in species alone. There are trillions of them alive and flying around, yet many people would rather see a world without mosquitoes. Since they don’t seem to add anything of value to the ecosystems, they enter an understandable dream. However, given the rate at which mosquitoes reproduce, that most likely will never happen.

Mosquitoes live around seven days and can lay up to 500 eggs in that time. This cycle leads to vast overpopulation in a short amount of time. Going from egg to adult in as little as four days, yet staying dormant for a month if the weather isn’t right. While they are hard to deal with, there are ways to get rid of mosquitoes when they show up.

The Dangerous Diseases Mosquitoes Are Capable Of Spreading

All types of mosquitoes can carry and transmit different diseases. This is where the danger of these tiny insects comes into play, as mosquitoes cause around 1 million deaths each year. Here are a few of the viruses mosquitoes can carry:

  • Malaria
  • Yellow Fever
  • Zika Virus
  • West Nile
  • Dengue

Due to the blood-based transmission, there have even been cases where a mosquito could infect its host with HIV. To protect yourself when outside, you should look into all avenues for ways to kill mosquitoes so you’re not eaten alive.

Five Environmentally-Friendly Mosquito Prevention Tips For Your Yard

While prevention tips can help you find better ways to get rid of mosquitoes, they are not always as effective as you might think. Here are a few environmentally-friendly prevention tips to utilize around your yard:

  1. Crushed lavender around your home and yard can keep mosquitoes at bay.
  2. Thyme and tea tree oil can be an effective repellent.
  3. Growing citronella can produce a natural aroma around your yard that repels mosquitoes.
  4. Essential oil and repellant candles can also work for your benefit.
  5. Plant lemongrass around your yard.

When you want more effective solutions, you should give us a call. We are your best way to control mosquitoes and we can give you better tips on ways to kill mosquitoes when they show up.

The Most Effective Mosquito Control For Your Property

If you want the best way to control mosquitoes and keep them away, you need to make a call to our team at Pestmaster® Services. We believe that you shouldn’t have to deal with mosquitoes when a phone call away is a better option. It might not be a world without mosquitoes, but we can deliver the next best thing.

We’ll put over 20 years of high-quality experience to good use for you and ensure that your yard is protected. At Pestmaster® Services, we handle any pest problem with environmentally sound products that keep your yard and family safe from harsh chemicals. Give us a call at Pestmaster® Services today to learn more about our green services and how we can help you.