House Fly Prevention And Control Tips For Hudson Valley Homes

House Fly

House flies in your Hudson Valley home can be the worst kind of nuisance. There's nothing more annoying than shooing one of these flying pests away from food and drinks only to have it reappear almost immediately. Did you know that there are thousands of different types of flies? There are even different types of house flies, each as annoying as the last.

You might not think you need help when you find a fly in your Hudson Valley home, but there could be a bigger problem brewing. Some flies can be indicators that other pests have already made their way into your home, and some flies can be an invitation for other pests to invade your home. Either way, calling a Hudson Valley pest control company for an inspection could only benefit you in the long run.

How To Identify House Flies

There are so many different flies and many different types of house flies that can all look very similar, so identifying them can be difficult. Here are a few of the more common house flies you might find:

You might think that identifying whatever small black flies are buzzing around your kitchen is pointless. However, when you know what you’re dealing with, it can aid in your prevention and elimination approach.

What Causes A Fly Infestation?

Different flies can be motivated by different things; house flies, for the most part, are always seeking out food. The only thing to really be concerned with when it comes to house flies is their ability to contaminate food and surfaces by landing on them. Common types of house flies cannot bite, but that doesn't mean you should let your guard down around small flies.

Flies are known to carry well over 100 different pathogens. They travel fast and land on everything from feces to vomit, then back again to land on your pizza. As such, they are carriers of bacteria and other pathogens and can infect your food with anything from dysentery to tuberculosis.

Effective Fly Prevention Tips

Do you have bug spray for flies? You've likely found that it’s not effective in keeping the bugs at bay. When you want to prevent small black flies or any types of flies that might find themselves around your home, there are some simple steps you can take:

  • Keep your trash sealed and away from your home.
  • Install mesh screens on your doors and windows.
  • Hang a ribbon of flypaper around your window
  • Remove any standing water inside or near your home.
  • Don’t leave food or sugary substances out inside or near your home.

If you find a fly walking around inside your home, be sure to sanitize the area. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals to keep flies away, so you should put the bug spray for flies away if you find you have a fly infestation, and instead make a call to end your pest problem permanently.

Reliable Fly Control

If you want a quality inspection done in your home, give Pestmaster® Services a call. Not only can we check to ensure no other pests have found their way in, but we can also eliminate your fly problem. No matter if they are big or small flies, we can keep them out of your home with ease. At Pestmaster® Services, we can help you be rid of your house fly problem quicker than any DIY method, and with a lasting effect.

Put your trust in our team to handle your pest problem. Our team at Pestmaster® Services is always looking out for the safety of your family, so give us a call to find out more about our many different service options. We look forward to providing you with top-notch help from a highly skilled team.