How To Prevent Wildlife Invaders From Taking Up Residence In Your Hudson Valley Yard


When thinking of pest control in Hudson Valley, New York, many people first imagine species such as rodents, spiders, and ants. However, while household invaders such as those are prevalent, there are also wildlife species in the area that can cause problems for home and business owners.

While these animals can be beautiful to look at from afar, they can be frustrating to deal with when they establish themselves on your property. And, some of these species can also cause property damage or pose health risks. The main wildlife varieties found in Hudson Valley include birds, bats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and snakes.

While the occasional wild animal might not be an issue, all of these species can be difficult to remove and problematic if they become frequent guests around your yard. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about preventing these animals on your Hudson Valley property.

The Risks Of Wild Animal Pests

Even some species that don’t seem very scary, such as birds, can cause more risks than you might think. Some bird species, such as pigeons, can cause health concerns with their droppings. Other species, like raccoons, bats, and squirrels, can transmit rabies or other illnesses such as salmonella. And, many species of wildlife can also bring parasites such as ticks and fleas into your property.

Other health concerns in regards to wild animals include allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and secondary infections from bites. While bites are rare, they can happen as any animal will bite if it feels threatened.

Along with health risks, many wild animals can also cause property damage. Squirrels, for example, can damage outbuildings and the exterior of homes as they constantly gnaw on things. Bats and birds can destroy equipment as their droppings build up over time. And raccoons and other mammals can destroy your yard and garden.

Seven Wildlife Prevention Tips

Because wildlife can be difficult to remove once they come onto your property, taking steps to prevent them in the first place is the best way to go. The following steps help reduce the chance that you’ll deal with these pests by removing or reducing the factors that attract them to your yard in the first place.

Here are seven of the best tips for preventing wildlife invaders:

  • Store any pet food indoors in airtight containers. Also, remove bird feeders or ensure they are out of reach of other animals.
  • Make sure to keep bushes, shrubs, and trees trimmed and maintained.
  • Mow your lawn often and remove organic debris like leaf piles and grass clippings from your property.
  • Keep firewood stored in an area 30 feet away from your home or business. Also, ensure that any wood is kept organized and dry.
  • Place tight lids on all garbage cans and remove any trash from the yard.
  • Install fences as this can deter some larger species.
  • Get rid of any decaying or dropped fruit and vegetables.

It may be tempting to feed or otherwise attract wildlife to your property, but it is much safer to keep these animals at a distance.

The Best Way To Handle Wildlife Concerns

While doing what you can to keep wildlife away can help, the easiest and most effective way to handle wild animal pests is with assistance from Pestmaster® Services. We offer both residential and commercial pest control options that are humane and safe.

All you have to do to get started is contact us to request your free quote.