How To Keep Boxelder Bugs Away From My Hudson Valley Property


Boxelder bugs make frequent appearances inside the homes of Hudson Valley residents. And while these pests aren't anywhere near as bad as cockroaches or rodents, they can be extremely annoying. Learn what you can do to keep box elder bugs far away from your property.

What Are Boxelder Bugs?

If you've seen a black and red bug with wings in your home, you've probably been acquainted with the boxelder bug. This pest is most often seen in the spring, but you can come across it during other times of the year.

Unlike some other Hudson Valley pests, boxelder bugs won't harm you. They rarely bite, and they don't sting. Furthermore, these pests don't do property damage. If boxelder bugs are around, they don't do much other than congregate.

With that said, you probably don't want hundreds of boxelder bugs in or near your home. They live and breed on the leaves and branches of boxelder trees, and they usually have large populations. To call them annoying would be an understatement.

Ways To Keep Boxelder Bugs Away

Assuming you don't want boxelder bugs throwing a party in your yard, you should take a few preventative measures:

  • Spray Bugs With Soap: If you mix one tablespoon of dish soap and some water in a spray bottle, you can use the solution to spray large groups of boxelder bugs. These insects don't like soap and will disperse, while some will die.
  • Clean Surfaces With Soap: Typically, boxelder bugs hang out in areas that get a lot of sunlight. As part of your boxelder bug prevention, spray those surfaces with soapy water or cover them with dish soap. In addition to deterring the bugs, your efforts clean away pheromones that would otherwise attract boxelder bugs.
  • Vacuum Up Bugs: At times, boxelder bugs invade homes. You might want to eliminate them by vacuuming them up, but don't accidentally crush these bugs. When you squish a boxelder bug, it releases a foul odor. Perhaps worse than the smell is the fact that the odor attracts other boxelder bugs. After you suck up the bugs, empty the vacuum bag and seal it up tightly. Otherwise, the bugs could crawl out and remain in your home. To keep these pests from returning, wash the floors with soap.
  • Seal Windows And Doors: How do you think boxelder bugs got into your home? Usually, they get in through gaps and cracks in your windows or doors. In search of heat, boxelder bugs could end up anywhere in your home. Finding the location of these bugs takes detective work. You need to look for the tiniest of holes and use caulk to seal them up. If you miss any openings, box elder bugs can continue to come indoors.
  • Replace Cover Plates: Because of the heat in your electrical wiring, boxelder bugs often find themselves attracted to outlet boxes. If you have gaps around your cover plates, these pests can squeeze through and come indoors. You may need to replace your plates.

Remove Or Trim Your Trees

You probably don't want to get rid of your boxelder trees. So, you don't have to. Rather than get rid of your landscaping, call us at Pestmaster® Services. Our highly trained team knows how to make your home inaccessible to boxelder bugs. Furthermore, we can kick out any insects that are currently indoors. Call us today and learn more about our home pest control services. We will come out quickly and get the job done.