Why Do I Have Bed Bugs In My Hudson Valley Home?

bed bug crawling on bedding

Your bed is your safe space. It’s where you go at the end of a long day to read a book, binge the hottest show, and fall into blissful rest until the next day comes. However, you might notice that you are waking up, either in the middle of the night or in the morning, with itchy bumps covering your body. You just might have “let the bed bugs bite.”

Bed Bugs Can Happen To Anyone In Hudson Valley

It might be confusing at first. “Why do I have bed bugs? I am clean, I keep my home clean, and I keep my bed clean!” The truth is, bed bugs can happen to anyone, no matter how clean you keep your bed or your surroundings. These annoying creatures can join you after a quick weekend trip or hitch a ride on clothing and furniture you bring home from the thrift store. You can wash and change your bed sheets regularly, dust and vacuum, organize your home, and keep trash cleaned out all you want to. In reality, all it takes is one encounter outside the home for your once clean environment to become infested with bed bugs.

How Bed Bugs Can Hitch A Ride Into Your Hudson Valley Home

Whenever you leave the house, there is always the possibility of returning with pesky bed bugs, especially if you are traveling. Hotels, airports, train stations, and offices are all hotspots for bed bugs to catch a ride with you. It’s essential to know how to best protect yourself when out and about.

Here are some helpful tips for the traveler:

  • Inspect the bedding before sleeping in beds at hotels, AirBnB’s, cabins, and condos. Be sure to alert management if you notice any bed bug activity. It’s also a good idea to inspect drawers, counters, carpeting, and furniture. Ask to be moved to another room or change properties altogether.
  • Consider wrapping your suitcase in plastic or a protective covering, especially when flying. Protecting your suitcase will help to prevent intrusion when your luggage is not with you.
  • Try not to set bags on the ground, whether in an airport, an office, bus station, or train station. Use a chair or a table if available.
  • When returning home, inspect your luggage before going into the house. Vacuum every inch of your bag, and be sure to wash all of your clothes in hot water before returning them to your bedroom. This will kill any bed bugs that might have made it past you.

Bed Bug Prevention While Shopping In Husdon Valley

You don’t have to leave town for bed bugs to find their way into your home. A quick trip to the thrift store, your favorite consignment shop, or a yard sale can end in bed bugs making their home in your sheets. Everything from secondhand clothing to used furniture and appliances can be an avenue for bed bugs.

Here are a few tips we think you should know for your next shopping spree:

  • Be sure to meticulously inspect clothing before you purchase. Stay away from clothing with stains or foul odors. When trying anything on, it’s best to hang them on a hanger instead of putting them on furniture or the floor.
    Keep any and all clothing secure in a plastic bag until you can make it home. Be sure to wash all the clothes you purchased in your washing machine with hot water before putting them in your closet or drawers.
  • When purchasing furniture or appliances, pay attention to any stains that may be present. These stains could be a sign of blood or bed bug waste. You should also be on the lookout for shedding skin and bed bug eggshells, especially in the nooks of washing machines, dryers, and dresser drawers. If you see any of these signs, it’s best to leave the furniture or appliance as is and let management know of the issue.
  • When purchasing secondhand furniture, be sure to thoroughly clean it before bringing it into your home. Wipe down every surface and do a second inspection to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Call The Experts At Pestmaster® Services For Any Bed Bug Issues In Husdon Valley

Even if you follow these tips and ticks, bed bugs are still challenging to prevent. If you do end up with bed bugs in your home, call the experts at Pestmaster® to rid your bed and your home of these pesky creatures. We have been serving the Hudson Valley region since 1999 and are committed to caring for your home. With environmentally friendly and effective services, we exist to serve you well and keep your home pest-free. Reach out to us today to learn more about our bed bug control options.