The Best Way To Get Rid of Rodents In Hudson Valley



In the Hudson Valley, Norway, rats, roof rats, deer mice, and house mice are common rodent species that residents might have to deal with. While you might experience both mice and rats, the two will likely never infest your home at the same time. Let's review the difference between the species:

  • Although Norway rats have heavy bodies, they are excellent swimmers and are usually found in or around water. This species has a blunt nose, small ears, and small black eyes. They typically grow between 7 and 9 ½ inches with a tail that is 6 to 8 inches in length. Their tail is bi-colored and will be shorter than their body. Norway rats also have shaggy, brown fur with a lighter underside.
  • As you might tell by their name, roof rats are known for their climbing skills to enter a building through the roofline. This species is smaller than Norway rats at about six to eight inches, with a tail that will also be the same size. They have a pointed nose, large ears, and large black eyes. Roof rats have dark brown to black hair, also with a lighter color underside.
  • Deer mice have large ears, a pointed nose, and large black eyes. This species grows between 3 to 4 inches with a long tail between 4 to 5 inches. Their tail is multicolored, and they have brown to black fur.
  • House mice are the most common home-invading rodent with their pointed nose, small round ears, and grayish-brown to blackish fur. They are usually between 3 to 4 inches, with a tail that adds 2 to 4 more inches to their total length.

Although they tend to be more of a nuisance and cause problems on the exterior of a property, squirrels can also sometimes infest homes. Keeping squirrels away is a challenge, especially as the weather cools and winter approaches; this rodent seeks a residence that could be your home.

All home and business invading rodents are dangerous if they get inside. They can cause property damage, carry diseases, and spread parasites. Whether you are worried about your residential or commercial property, rodents are bad news for all in the Hudson Valley. This is why you should be aware of their presence, habits, and what you should do for prevention and exclusion.

Why Do Rodents Invade And How Do I Get Rid Of Them?

It is well-known that rodents like mice, rats, and squirrels have a long history of human dependency. And this is why these pests invade homes and businesses for food, water, and shelter. Rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a penny, while mice only need a penny-sized hole to get through.

Once they are inside, rodents are challenging to get rid of because they are fast, great at hiding, and multiply quickly. It is nearly impossible to get rid of a rodent infestation on your own, which is why the safest and most effective way is to contact professionals.

In the Hudson Valley, residents and business owners alike can rely on Pestmaster® Services for assistance with rodent infestations. Our rodent control methods include:

  • A complete inspection and monitoring of the infestation
  • Trapping and exclusion methods
  • Necessary habit modifications
  • Baiting programs

We also provide sanitation and minor repairs to help keep you and your family safe.

Preventing Rodents

An ounce of prevention can go a long way to securing your home or business against any rodent infestation. Here are some preventative steps to take:

  • Remove food sources
  • Secure trash cans
  • Eliminate potential entry points on the exterior
  • Reduce harborage areas

Professional rodent control is the best way to prevent an infestation from happening. Call us at Pestmaster® Services for more tips and assistance, or use our online contact form.