How To Keep Raccoons Off Of Your Hudson Valley Property


Raccoons are known for looking like old-time bandits and invading garbage cans around Hudson Valley properties. However, while most people know a little about raccoons, many questions surround these creatures and how to deal with them.

One common myth about raccoons is that they are a type of large rodent, and while this does make sense to assume, they are actually not related to rodents at all. They belong to a genus called Procyon and don’t have many close relatives.

But, just because they aren’t rodents doesn’t mean they can’t cause major problems for property owners. In fact, like rodents, they can cause both property damage and pose health risks, so it’s essential to know how to keep them away.

Identifying Raccoons

Raccoons are often found in the dens they create in large holes in trees or when they come out at night to look for good sources. When indoors, they will get into attics, barns, and crawl spaces to find a place to rest.

You likely have an overall idea of what raccoons look like, they are fairly recognizable with gray fur with black markings that look like a mask around their eyes. Their tails have black stripes, and they have a stocky body shape.

Are Raccoons Very Dangerous?

While some people find raccoons to be extremely cute animals, and others think they are aggressive and always filled with rabies, the truth is a bit more complex. Raccoons aren’t always aggressive, and they mostly prefer to stay away from humans. But, this doesn’t mean they are safe to have around your property or that you should approach them either.

Raccoons will attack if they feel they are cornered or threatened, and they will also defend their desks. Plus, they can carry and spread diseases including rabies as well as raccoon ringworm. Raccoons can also bring parasites like ticks and fleas onto your property, and these parasitic pests can spread even more illnesses, including Lyme disease.

They also can get into the trash and other items around your property. This can create a big mess and generally be unpleasant.

Five Ways To Discourage Raccoons From Your Property

Because raccoons can pose some risks, taking steps to make your property less appealing to them is key. These five measures will help deter raccoons:

  • Get lids for all trash cans that raccoons won’t be able to break into.
  • Make it more difficult for raccoons to get inside by fixing holes around the walls and foundation and installing lattices around porches.
  • If you have pets, ensure that their food is stored indoors.
  • Remove any trash or organic debris from around your lawn.
  • Seek professional pest control assistance for year-round protection.

The Safe And Easy Way To Remove Raccoons

Have you been seeing raccoons around your yard and want to remove them? The simplest way to do so is with assistance from Pestmaster® Services. Instead of putting yourself at risk trying to handle raccoons on your own, let our trained technicians take it from here.

We provide safe removal of existing raccoon problems and will work with you to keep raccoons and other pests away in the future. Give us a call today to find out more.