The Key To Effective German Cockroach Control In Hudson Valley

Dead CockroachFinding cockroaches around your Hudson Valley home can be frustrating and upsetting as these crawling pests are known for being unsanitary. However, despite their bad reputation, cockroaches are more dangerous than most people even realize.

These invasive and harmful pests often invade area properties, and the most common cockroach species of them all is the German cockroach.

This prevalent species can be identified by its light tan coloration and be the two distinct black stripes that run parallel behind their heads. Just like most species, they are oval-shaped with wings, but they do not fly. And, while they are on the small side at only around half an inch long, don’t let their size fool you. They can still become a huge problem.

These invasive pests are great climbers and can climb up walls and onto ceilings. They prefer warm, humid environments with easy access to food and water, so they are often found in kitchens or bathrooms. They also often hide in dark, out-of-the-way areas such as under appliances, inside pantries and cupboards, or even in holes in the wall.

The Problems German Cockroaches Cause

German cockroaches aren’t just a nuisance pest because of their ability to spread so many dangerous pathogens to your property. These pests often spend time in sewage or around garbage, and they pick up germs and then spread them around kitchens and other surfaces in your home or business.

Because of this, they are known to carry many illnesses including salmonella and gastroenteritis. And, they can also cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

The other big concern with the German cockroach is that they are so invasive. While this is true of most cockroaches, this species is even worse as they can reproduce extremely quickly. Their small size allows them to hide in many out-of-sight areas, and they are also nocturnal which makes it difficult to identify the infestation at first.

To top it all of, German cockroaches are resistant to many pesticides and can even survive for days or even weeks without their heads. Because of these many reasons, they aren’t a pest that your average person can remove without assistance.

What’s The Best Way To Remove German Cockroaches?

Because cockroaches can be so dangerous, it’s not a good idea to let their infestations remain in your home. If you have noticed them around, the safest way to remove them once and for all is with help from Pestmaster® Services.

We can eradicate the entire infestation and keep these nasty pests from coming back. Don’t waste your time and money trying to eliminate German cockroaches. Instead, give us a call today at (845) 340-9700 to request a free quote.

A Few Cockroach Prevention Tips

While the best way to get total cockroach control is with professional help, you can still take steps on your own to prevent future infestations. Here are a few of the simplest and most effective things you can do on your own to deter cockroaches:

  • Always keep kitchen areas clean, wipe up food and drink spills, mop floors, and do dirty dishes often.
  • Keep any pet food stored inside and in airtight containers.
  • Practice good trash sanitation by taking out the garbage often and placing tight-fitting lids on all garbage cans.
  • Reduce excess humidity by fixing leaky plumbing and using dehumidifiers in problem areas.