What To Do About Pigeons Roosting Around Your Albany Business

pigeons at commercial buiding

Pigeons can be a major nuisance, not just for business owners, but for clients and customers who frequent your building. Unfortunately, they can also be a health and safety hazard, putting your business at risk of liability if something isn’t done about them. Here is everything you need to know about pigeons in Albany, the problems they cause, bird control methods, and quality commercial pest control to protect your business.

Factors That Attract Pigeons To Roost Around Your Business

Pigeons are scavengers that have adapted to our city’s way of life. They like our food, they like our houses, and unfortunately, they are a real problem to eliminate. For one thing, if you have a lot of food sitting around your building, even in open trash cans or around dumpsters, this is easy picking for a flock of pigeons. If someone is deliberately feeding the pigeons, this can make an environment even more hospitable.

If, in addition to food, perching places and shelter are available, they’ve found paradise. This can be difficult for some businesses to control, especially if you’re sandwiched between eating establishments but don’t have any food problems yourself. In situations like these, your only hope may be to consult the professionals for pigeon bird control for your Albany property.

All The Ways Pigeons Can Be Problematic

The noises, fluttering, and perching are annoying enough, but pigeon presence alone can cause structural and aesthetic issues for your building. Not only are their droppings slippery falling hazards on the sidewalks, but down the face of your building, they can be ugly and corrosive, causing damage to exterior walls. Droppings also are not easy on roof tiles and may cause damage that can turn into a much larger issue if you don’t have that layer of defense against extreme weather.

The final and most significant reason your business needs bird control is that pigeons can spread airborne diseases to your employees and your customers by their feces alone. A few of the diseases pigeons can spread include E. coli, histoplasmosis, candidiasis, and salmonellosis.

The Safest & Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Pigeons Around Your Business

For fast, safe, and effective pigeon control for your Albany property, the best method is to call Pestmaster® Services. We can provide roof bird control and the quality commercial pest control that you’ve been looking for to protect the face of your business and your customers. Through exclusion methods and habitat modifications, we at Pestmaster® Services can make sure birds don’t want to take advantage of your business and that they couldn’t even if they tried. For roof bird control and quality commercial pest control, call Pestmaster® Services today.

Natural Ways To Prevent Pigeons From Returning To Your Property

Bird control for your Albany business starts with prevention. These bird control methods are going to be the most natural way to keep pigeons away from your property for the long term:

  • Only use sealed trashcans outdoors.
  • Clean up food and spills immediately.
  • Control sources of excess moisture like leaks and puddles.
  • Fence off sheltered perches under your roof with metal screens.

If you’re struggling to control pigeons around your property, call the best commercial pest control near me in Albany, Pestmaster® Services. We can help you modify your business to be inhospitable to troublesome pests, pigeons included.