Three Easy Tips To Keep Wildlife Away From Your Kingston Property

You may feel as though you’re living in a zoo already, so it doesn't help when these wildlife creatures come sneaking onto your Kingston property! There are many types of wild animals that can be seen wandering about the Kingston area. While many of them are interesting to see in our backyards, some of them pose real and serious problems for homeowners. The most common troublesome wildlife species in Kingston are:


  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums

There are many different problems that come with wildlife species invading residential properties. The destruction of household goods, the spread of diseases, and the threat of serious harm are all legitimate causes for concern. This is why Kingston homeowners must be equipped with the knowledge it takes to keep wildlife species off of their lawns.

Preventing Kingston Wildlife Problems With Three Easy Tips

The best way to keep pests off your property and subsequently outside of the house is to remove and reduce the factors that attract them in the first place.

The following tips help homeowners all over Kingston to deter wildlife populations from their property:

  • Wildlife species enjoy living in the scrubby forest or field areas around rural homes. Trim all shrubs, grasses, and trees away from the sides of the home to prevent yourself from confusing wildlife species, causing them to come closer. Ensure there are no plants or plant life that could be attracting the attention of outdoor animals.
  • Seal all trash in tight, unalterable containers when outside the house. Consider buying locks or lids that block out wildlife creatures such as mice, rats, and raccoons.
  • Eliminate standing water sources that are open in the lawn, including vernal pools and tarps holding water. These could be drawing thirsty creatures closer than you may prefer.

Does your home contain natural factors you cannot handle yourself? Get in contact with the professionals at Pestmaster® Services to receive a free home inspection. Our team will evaluate the problem areas of your property and provide a detailed list of factors that could be drawing wildlife species closer to your home.

The Most Important Tip Of All: Pestmaster® Services

The above tips will help to reduce or mitigate the effects of wildlife activity on the lawn, but none of them will stop an infestation that is already in progress. That’s why we’ve included one last tip that is the most important one of all: get help from the pest professionals before it's too late.

Pestmaster® Services of the Hudson Valley brings more than just a quick fix to the table. Our team is passionate about pest control, and even more passionate about serving our Kingston friends and neighbors with the highest quality care possible. We treat your home with the utmost care. We pride ourselves on delivering nothing but the best, abating wildlife species from every corner of your property.

Contact Pestmaster® Services for assistance with wildlife management and mitigation in your Kingston property. For services, connect with an agent online using the online contact form, or visit our local Kingston office in person. We are more than happy to guide you through our three-step wildlife mitigation program, as well as answer any questions you may have about the process. If you’re concerned about pests becoming more than just backyard buddies, never fear! Pestmaster® Services of the Hudson Valley is here!