The Best Fall Pest Prevention Guide For Kingston Property Owners

There’s nothing quite like a Kingston fall, is there? Football, bonfires, leaves changing — it’s really one of the best times to be outdoors. But fall is also a sad reminder that winter is right around the corner, which, for us, isn’t the worst thing in the world. Winter does have its perks after all. However, pests don’t share our love for the seasons changing. In fact, once fall hits, most of them will try harder than ever to move indoors as we enjoy the weather outside.

Asian Lady Beetle on leaf

Wintering Pests Of Kingston

As the weather begins cooling, many pests that we deal with in Kingston will want to prepare for the harsh winter by finding a way into our homes. That’s why pest control is essential as the leaves begin to change.

Here are some of the more problematic pests that’ll try to gain access to your house this fall:

Stink Bugs

These tiny brown pests travel in large numbers, making their nasty stench almost overwhelming inside a home. They’ll emit their smell when they die or feel threatened, so avoiding an infestation is essential.


While these small, red, or brown pests typically don’t do any harm to humans or houses, their sheer numbers can be a huge nuisance, and they’re very adamant about spending the winter indoors.

Conifer Seed Bugs

These tiny tan pests are the same as ladybugs. They won’t damage your house, but they will overwhelm you in large numbers during the winter with rapid reproduction rates.


Mice and rats, while much larger, can infest your home in the winter also. They usually ramp up their efforts to get into your house during the fall, which can lead to severe damage and put you at risk for the diseases they carry.

Prevention Techniques

As far as pest control goes, there is no guaranteed method to keep pests out yourself. However, following these guidelines can help reduce your chances of an infestation:

  • Use regular cleaning habits like mopping, vacuuming, and doing dishes to create a less attractive environment for pests.
  • Seal up entry points using door sweeps, weatherstripping, and caulking around windows to keep pests out. You also need to maintain the integrity of all of your screens.
  • Control moisture issues around your home. Most pests prefer damp and dark environments, so you need to check your pipes under sinks and in the basement for leaks or condensation. Using a dehumidifier in your crawl space can also help prevent moisture buildup.

These practices can help keep pests out, but rodents are another story. Rats are very intelligent, and mice reproduce quickly, so killing one or two at a time with traps and poison won’t work. Mice can also find their way through tiny openings under doors or holes they’ll chew in walls to climb through. Both mice and rats have very sharp teeth that they’ll use to damage insulation and electrical wiring, so it’s important to keep them out. One thing you can use against them is their awareness. Since they’re very aware of their environment, they get uncomfortable if you shift your landscaping and lawn decorations regularly, which might make them seek out another shelter.

Rodents, however, will almost always spread bacteria in your house like E. coli, salmonella, and more, so do you really want to leave it to chance? No matter what you’re trying to keep out of your house, you’ll save money in the long run and avoid a lot of headaches by going with guaranteed results. The best pest protection comes from ongoing professional pest control. Contact Pestmaster® Services of Hudson Valley today for all your pest control needs.