Are You Ready To Protect Your Kingston Property From Termites?

It’s easy to forget about this or take it for granted, but wood is a big part of our everyday life. It’s used to construct buildings, furniture, and lots of other items. Did you know all of these things are constantly at risk of being damaged?

There are many insects and organisms that either eat or destroy wood. Some of the most ravaging ones out there are termites, and their peak season is just around the corner. Prepare now with this information on identification, prevention, and the effective offerings of Pestmaster® Services in Kingston.


How Can You Spot a Termite Infestation?

Termites are often described as “white ants,” because they look similar to them. Most are small at ⅛ of an inch in length. Some of their features vary by colony class. Workers are white or grayish white. Soldiers have rectangular, yellowish brown heads, and defined jaws to protect their colony. Swarmers can be black, yellow, or brown. They have wings and are ½ of an inch long. You may notice that their wingspan surpasses their body length.

Reproduction is the swarmers' responsibility. When a nest becomes full, they’ll leave it to create a new one and mate. This normally occurs in the springtime. Thus, if you see one, you likely have an infestation.

Other indicators are:

  • Discolored or sinking drywall
  • Pin-point wall holes
  • Weakened or unsecured floorboards and tiles
  • Paint that looks water damaged
  • Speck piles that seem like salt and pepper spills but are actually fecal matter
  • Ruined or hollow-sounding wood
  • Maze patterns and mud tubes in walls
  • Loose swarmer wings that look similar to fish scales
  • Swarmers flying around wall cracks, windows, and light sources

How Can You Prevent Termites?

Living in a metal house or working in a tent to avoid termites isn’t a realistic expectation. Throwing out everything you own that's made of wood isn’t practical either. In order to guard your home, business, and belongings against these disastrous bugs, consider doing the following:

  • Remove any decaying wood, especially pieces softened by water.
  • Repair leaks, drips, and anything creating excess moisture.
  • Keep wood free from touching soil.
  • Make sure stored wood and greenery are a few feet from your building.
  • Seal gaps and openings in foundations, walls, and utility lines.
  • Keep plants, flowers, and shrubbery well trimmed.
  • Regularly clean gutters and vents and ensure that they are debris free.
  • Put screens on exterior vents.

What Can Pestmaster® Services Do About Termites?

Termites are very tiny and are often not seen until their nests are at capacity. Before then, they’ll do all their living, crawling, and wood-biting inside your walls. By the time you catch them, they’ve probably done significant harm. Termites wreak so much havoc, they cost Americans $5 billion each year in prevention and recovery expenses. What’s worse, is that most insurance companies don’t cover termite care. Spare yourself the financial and emotional distress by calling Pestmaster® Services today. Our high-quality pest control services are twice as strong as any ordinary insecticide. Honestly, they are even tougher than that. If you have termites, they are guaranteed to be gone, and won’t dream of coming back. Partner with us today to make sure you stay one step ahead.

There are several types of termites, so classifying them properly is essential to effective treatment. Our expert technicians will know exactly what you’re dealing with, and what methods to use for elimination. They’ll also be able to tell you what areas of your space are most vulnerable, and how to resolve issues. Termites won’t wait, so why should you? Contact Pestmaster® Services to build your defense now!