The Moisture In Your Hudson Valley Home Could Be Drawing In Silverfish


If you keep finding silverfish in your Hudson Valley home, there’s a simple explanation. You probably have high moisture in one or more rooms, and this makes your property highly appealing to silverfish. Learn more about what’s bringing silverfish inside and what it means for you.

What Are Silverfish Anyway?

Because silverfish are shiny and have a unique way of moving, they resemble tiny fish. So, it’s not hard to see where the name came from. These common household pests are found all around the United States and are most likely to appear in basements, bathrooms, and other high moisture environments.

Although silverfish can’t fly, they sure can get around. They move quickly from one place to another and often appear like a silver flash across your floor. Even though you probably won’t get a close look at this pest, you can easily identify it by its silver scales, odd movements, and habits.

Silverfish have a somewhat intimidating appearance and might make you squirm. But, unlike some other pests in Hudson Valley, silverfish aren’t considered harmful to humans. They won’t bite you or damage your walls, but it’s worth mentioning that a large infestation could trigger allergies. In any case, you shouldn’t allow silverfish to take over your home.

How And Why You Have Silverfish

You may be wondering why silverfish chose your home to take over. Unfortunately, silverfish often invade local homes. They’re attracted to the humid and moist environments usually found in attics, basements, and bathrooms. Silverfish will probably look for a way inside if there’s more moisture in your home than outside.

And this brings you to the other issue - accessibility. If it’s too difficult for a pest to invade your home, they won’t bother coming inside. However, silverfish are much more likely to gain entry if you have multiple openings. They could be coming through gaps around your electrical wiring, plumbing, or windows.

Once you have silverfish in your home, you might struggle to get rid of them. You should prevent the frustration of an infestation and take measures to keep silverfish out.

Keeping Silverfish Away

Before you find yourself with silverfish in your home, take these steps to deter them:

  • Inspect Boxes Of Items: If a friend or family member gives you a box of items, check it for silverfish. The pests could be hiding inside. Once in your home, the silverfish will reproduce and invade.
  • Seal Up Window And Door Frames: Check around your windows and doors for potential entrances. If there are gaps or cracks, seal them up with caulk. You should also avoid storing items close to or against the exterior of your home. The items could attract silverfish, which makes your home a likely target.
  • Use A Dehumidifier: Plug in a dehumidifier in rooms with high humidity to keep silverfish at bay. You might also need to repair leaks in your plumbing, or the humidity will persist.
  • Don’t Store Books And Magazines: Because silverfish eat cellulose, they could go after your books and magazines. If you must store the items, keep them in sealed containers and store them in areas of low humidity. This takes away the temptation for silverfish to invade.

Work With A Professional

If you find silverfish in your home, call us at Pestmaster® Services today. We don’t want your home overrun with these pests, so we work hard to provide quality home pest control services. In addition to responding promptly, we also get the job done quickly. The next time you have a pest problem or need advice on pest control, give us a call.