Four Handy Rodent Prevention Tips For Syracuse Property Owners

house mousePests can be an absolute disaster for home and business owners in Syracuse. They can tear up buildings, and personal belongings, such as books and furnishings. An incredible amount of them can distribute germs that will leave you with a huge hospital bill for sickness. You could also wind up in an emergency room for severe bites, stings, and injuries. Insects and creatures are nothing to scoff at, especially rodents. These animals can do all of what was previously described, and more.

Rodents are intrusive critters who can get inside your property with ease, and procreate at an accelerated speed. They are difficult to prevent, and even harder to kill. Don’t worry though. These four handy tips will help you keep rodents away. In the midst, you’ll learn about Pestmaster® Services, and what they can do for you.

Tip #1 Repair & Renew

Several rodent species, like house mice, invade homes and businesses because sheltered spaces give them what they need to survive and be comfortable. Their essentials are warmth, moisture, water, and food. Entering a property is usually easy for them, because they can get through openings that are ½ of an inch around in diameter. If a building has fragile or poor construction, it’s that much simpler for them to achieve their goals. Once indoors, they’ll start forming nests in voids and cabinets. That said, seal up holes near foundations, doors, windows, vents, and utilities. Caulk could be an option. Have plumbing leaks, and other moisture defects, repaired.

House mice: These short-haired critters are 7 inches long. Their fur is black, gray, or brown. You may notice that their bellies are lighter than the rest of their bodies.

Tip #2 Clean & Control

Tidiness is one of the chief principles of pest prevention. It’s no different with rodents. Given their aforementioned essentials, you have to cut their food sources down by storing meals properly. Use containers with lids that fasten tightly. Don’t leave pet cuisine behind either. Garbage should be in secure canisters as well, and taken out regularly. Wash your dishes, mop floors, and wipe down countertops often. Regulate warmth with a dehumidifier, or air conditioner. Clutter provides hiding spots, so get rid of it. Keep bedrooms neat.

Tip #3 Look & Landscape

Lawn maintenance is pivotal when it comes to rodent deterrence. These creatures fester and flourish around organic matter, such as the prevalent Norway rat. Lengthy grass, wooded locations, fields, and bodies of water are covered with rodents. Your eyes should stay open for vermin if you have a property close to these types of settings. Your land shouldn't resemble these environments, or else you’ll have issues. Groom your greenery, and place it two feet or more from your property. Cut your grass, and clean your gutters and vents routinely.

Norway rats: These pests are 15 inches long, with 7-inch tails. Brown or gray, they have shabby fur. They make tunnels in soil and dirt, wrecking yards.

Tip #4 Contact Pestmaster® Services

Rodents are dangerous. They contaminate food and surfaces with their fur parasites, and the bacteria in their waste. When they bite wires to file their teeth, it may cause an electrical fire or failure. They munch on walls too. You can’t have them crawling about. The skilled technicians at Pestmaster® Services will set quality baits and traps, use ContraPest fertility solution, employ exclusion methods, and more to exterminate rodents. They’ll also perform rodent removal, sanitation, and insulation replacement tasks. Our services are guaranteed, and come with a warranty. We’ve been in business for over 40+ years, so you can certainly trust us to get the job done. Get a free quote by calling today