What to Do About Rodents in Your Syracuse Home

norway rat crawling out of a holeBy their very nature, pests are good at going unnoticed, especially rodents like mice and rats. These invasive vermin thrive off of the food and shelter that our homes provide, so only vigilant homeowners can hope to stay protected. Learning how to spot the signs of an infestation, and why it’s smart to turn to the professionals, can help prevent the worst problems that go along with a rodent infestation.

Common Rodent Problems

The two most common home-invading rodents are rats and mice,  both can cause big trouble despite their small size. They track in germs and carry diseases, including rabies, plague, and salmonella. Even if rodents themselves aren’t carriers, they are often riddled with fleas and other parasites that pose significant health risks. Rodents also cause property damage as they gnaw and claw at household items. Homes are rarely infested with both kinds of rodents, however, as they are extremely territorial. Only a professional can spot the subtle differences between species, which is necessary for matching the right solutions to the problem. That’s why it’s better to stay on top of early prevention by partnering with an expert to avoid an infestation in the first place.

Rodents: Tough To Get Rid Of

Far too many homeowners try to deal with the colossal task of pest prevention all on their own. The problem with DIY methods is that they often fail and they rarely address the root of the problem. The following are all reasons why rodents are some of the easiest pests to get saddled with but some of the hardest to get rid of:

  • Cracks & Holes: Even tiny faults in the exterior of your home can quickly become an entrance for rodents that claw and chip away at the wood to gain access.
  • Walls & Vents: Once inside, rodents will quickly hunker down in tough-to-reach places, including inside of walls and vents. This makes their odorous presence that much more prevalent throughout a home.
  • Proliferation: Not only does their small size help them squeeze into tight spaces, but it also makes it so that rodents can reproduce quickly. Mice and rats can give birth to several litters a year, each taking mere weeks to mature into problem rodents themselves.

The Benefits Of Professional Rodent Control

Because of the above problems, rodents aren’t a pest you want to take any chances with. They can deal a whole lot of damage to your health and property, growing in size and scope before you even realize they’re there. That’s why partnering with local pest professionals is your best course of action. All of the following are superior services that provide you with true peace of mind:

  • Inspections: Initial inspections help determine whether a pest population is already a problem or soon to become one. We check for attractants and red flags that might allow rodents easy access.
  • Prevention: Experts can consult on ways to make your home less attractive to rodents in the first place, working with you on implementing easy and proven methods for prevention.
  • Treatment: If pests are already a problem, only professional extermination methods are guaranteed to work. At Pestmaster, our treatments are safe and effective, assured to rid your home of rodents and keep them away.

Contact Pestmaster Services Today

Before your home falls prey to invasive and destructive rodents, turn to your local professionals for assistance. You save much more money in the long run by enlisting the help of professional solutions than you do by wasting time and money on store-bought or homemade products. At Pestmaster Services, we keep your home protected from the worst dangers of rodents and other pests, working with you to tailor service to your time and budget. Rather than risk your property, play it safe with professional solutions from Pestmaster Services. Visit us online or in our local offices today.