How To Take Back The Attic Space In Your Richmond Home


If you have an attic space in your Richmond, Virginia home, chances are that you don’t spend a lot of time up there. These areas are often difficult to get to, and this makes them out-of-sight and out-of-mind. However, this can be a problem as attics can become centers of pest problems and property damage.

Many different issues can occur in attics. For one thing, there are a wide variety of pests that will make this dark, undisturbed area home. Rodents in your attic such as mice and rats will often get up into these areas and nest, and many other smaller pests such as spiders and the destructive termites can also make attics their new living space.

Along with pest concerns, attics can also end up with water damage or mold problems, and in some cases, this can be a huge health risk. Not to mention that there could be damaged insulation, drywall, wood, or rooftops.

It’s a good idea for all homeowners in the area to take stock of their attic and make sure it’s in good condition because the risks and issues of damaged attics are high.

What Health Risks Are Connected To Attic Spaces?

First of all, having pests in your attic, especially rodents, can lead to many health problems. The fur, urine, and droppings of mice and rats can make people sick and lead to respiratory issues. Plus, rodents can spread illnesses such as hantavirus and salmonellosis.

Then, there are the health risks of mold. Many people have allergic reactions and asthma attacks when different varieties of mold are present in the home. While some mold problems and species are worse than others, most of them cause at least low-level health issues, especially to higher-risk groups.

Lastly, there are many property damage concerns. It can be expensive to repair mold damage and it can destroy the integrity of a building. Then, there are pests. Rodents can chew through all kinds of materials, and a termite infestation can cost thousands of dollars in some cases.

Luckily, the residential pest control experts at Pestmaster® Services can help. We provide attic remediation services that can include pest control as well as sanitation treatments to improve the air quality in the house.

Damaged Insulation In Attics

Along with the risks of pests and mold, damaged insulation can also pose risks to your health. To start with, damaged insulation makes it so your home isn’t protected from the elements, leading to hotter homes in the summer and cooler homes in the winter.

But, the biggest concern is that exposed insulation contains small pieces of fiberglass that can irritate the skin and the lungs.

The experts at Pestmaster® Services can also repair destroyed insulation and install safer TAP insulation products instead.

Learn More About Attic Remediation In Richmond

If your attic has become a scary, messy place full of dangers to your health, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. The technicians at Pestmaster® Services will get your attic clean and safe once again, so you don’t have to worry about the potential health risks anymore.

Just contact us today to learn more or to request a quote.