The Perfect Solution To Problems In Your Richmond Attic


One of the primary causes of pest infestations in homes is unaddressed moisture issues. These issues often go unnoticed because they occur in places that we don’t think to look such as the attic. Unfortunately, just because we may not notice them, doesn’t mean that issues in the attic aren’t a hazard to our homes and our health. Moisture not only leads to pest infestations, but it can also lead to mold which can be harmful for humans to live around. That’s why attic remediation is so important, because we can’t afford to let moisture and pest issues in our attics go untreated for long. If you want to keep your Richmond home safe from pests and mold, you need to consider attic remediation.

Problems That Come From A Forgotten Attic

Many problems can occur when you don’t address issues in your attic. First, the buildup moisture can attract pests into your home. If this happens, pests can spread contaminants and bacteria with their bodies and through their urine, fecal matter, and saliva. In addition to this, pests can cause all sorts of damage to attics. They can destroy insulation, chew through wiring, and even damage pipes. This means all sorts of unnecessary home repair costs that you will end up having to pay for all because of moisture buildup.

In addition to this, moisture problems can also lead to wood rot which is not only expensive to replace, but can also attract termites into a home. After getting inside, termites will not limit their feeding to just the rotting wood, either way, means costly repairs for you.

Finally, moisture can lead to the growth of mold in an attic. Breathing in mold particles that have gotten into the air can lead to all sorts of health issues for your family. The primary causes of mold in an attic are poor ventilation, poor insulation, and water buildup from roof leaks or other sources. Therefore, you need to address these issues before it becomes too late.

Attic Remediation With Pestmaster® Services

Pestmaster® Services attic remediation services consist of two primary objectives—sanitizing the area and installing or replacing insulation. As for sanitizing, the buildup of pest waste and mold is what can lead to health hazards in the home, so the proper removal of them from your attic is key to keeping your family safe. After this, you may need to have the insulation in your attic replaced if it has been damaged by pests or mold. Not only is damaged insulation a health hazard, but it is also ineffective in its purpose. Therefore we will take out and replace any damaged insulation in your attic. The insulation we replace it with is TAP, or Thermal Acoustic Pest Control, insulation. It lowers energy costs, prevents pest infestations, is flame retardant, and eco-friendly. This insulation is a single solution to many different problems and therefore is the best choice to replace your current insulation.

Contact Pestmaster® Services

It’s time to stop ignoring your attic. If you want to keep your home free from pests and mold and all the problems that come with them, you need to consider attic remediation. And when it’s time to think about attic remediation it's time to call Pestmaster® Services. Our trained experts will effectively address all of the issues your attic is currently facing so that you can be sure your family is safe from any harmful airborne particles from pest waste or mold. Let us worry about your Richmond, VA attic so that you don’t have to. Give Pestmaster® Services a call today.