Benefits Of Attic & Basement Remediation In Richmond, VA

attic​Some things in life are easy to take for granted. You may get tired of your car or wish it got better gas mileage, but, if you didn’t have it, you’d be in a tough spot. Think about your smartphone. 99% of the time, the only time you ever mention your phone in conversation is when you complain about it being too slow or dying too quickly. However, without it, you’d be lost (literally). Your attic and basement are the same way. While they may not be the first place in your house you’d show to guests, imagine if you didn’t have it. Finding storage space in the other areas of your home can be quite difficult, so it’s important to protect your attic and basement from the effects of prolonged pest activity.

Your Attic And Basement: Always There When You Need It?

People use their attics and basements for a variety of reasons, and it’s nice to know that you can always use them whenever a new reason pops up. Typically, an attic and an unfinished basement are great for storage, so if you ever need to store more stuff, hold some old furniture for family members, or put away some old sentimental items that you don’t want to throw away, the attic and basement will be there. However, if you let insects overrun your storage spaces, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of storage? No one wants to go retrieve an old love seat or office chair if its infested with mice or they have to walk past cockroaches and spiderwebs to do it.

In the same way, when people buy a home, they typically have a vision of using an unfinished basement as a playroom or game area, or they might even have dreams of finishing the basement and turning it into the ultimate man-cave or hangout area. If you allow insects to gain a foothold in your gaming area or unfinished basement, that enjoyable dream basement will be put on hold very quickly.

Protecting Your Richmond Home With Remediation

That’s where professional remediation comes in. Remediation is the process of protecting things from negative environmental effects over time, and one of the most damaging, unpleasant, and costly environmental effects is pests. While you may not always see them in your home, insects, and rodents will find a way into the basement or attics through small entryways, cracks, and holes. And why would they go where there are more people? They’re perfectly content setting up shop in your attic and basement where you rarely disturb them. They’ll chew through electrical wires, inhabit furniture that you’re storing, and leave feces everywhere. If you wanted to finish that basement, it’s going to be a nastier project than you thought. If you wanted to retrieve something out of the storage attic, it’s going to need some severe clean-up and inspection before you’ll want to use it.

Smart Decision

Now, if you want to keep your dreams of a finished basement or clean, convenient storage rooms alive, Pestmaster® Services can make it happen. Their basement and attic remediation services will treat these areas of your home with family and pet-friendly products that ensure pests will pick on another house instead of ruining your storage, gaming, and project areas. Their expert service technicians have been protecting attics and basement for years with the wisdom to get the job done right, combined with award-winning customer service. You bought your Richmond home for many reasons, and the big basement and convenient storage areas were part of that decision. Don’t let that investment go to waste by allowing pests to thrive in any area of your home.