Caterpillars, Ladybugs and Spiders…Oh My! DIY Bug Halloween Costumes for Kids

Easy Bee Costume

Why do the creepiest and most offputting creatures make some of the most adorable Halloween costumes? If someone in your life is looking to go door to door as a bug or critter this October 31st, we have some great DIY costume ideas that will make them the talk of the town at school the next day.



It’s a tried and true classic sure to spook a few people walking by unaware. All you’ll need for a spider costume is:

  • Black sweat pants and black sweatshirt (crew neck)

  • 3 pairs of black dress socks (preferably nylon men’s socks)

  • Fiber fill (stuffing for socks/spider legs)

  • Colorful felt for spider markings

  • Black thread & black ribbon (or black pipe cleaner)


Stuff the black socks with fiber fill and attach them to the back of the sweatshirt (three on each side) using thread and needle. Use the black ribbon to attach the end of each leg to the wrist of the sweatshirt. Then, use the felt to make a distinctive design on the back of the sweatshirt and legs. Voila, you’re ready to go! Follow this tutorial for more detailed instructions.



The Hungry Caterpillar is a classic children’s tale for a reason - it’s adorable! All you’ll need to transform your tiny tots into gentle creature is:

  • Green onesie or pants and a shirt

  • Red beanie

  • Purple felt

  • Yellow felt

  • Green felt

  • Pipe cleaners (4)

  • Double sided fabric tape

  • Hot glue gun and sticks

  • Safety pins

  • Scissors


This costume puts all the emphasis on the headwear. You’ll simply create your antennae and eyes, attach them to the beanie, slap on the rest of the green outfit, and you’re done! Your trick or treater will be ready in record time. Follow this tutorial for creating a hungry caterpillar baby costume.



It’s hard to compete with the cuteness of a ladybug costume, and the good news is you can make it at home in less than an hour. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Washable craft glue

  • Large self-adhesive eyelashes

  • Sunglasses

  • Black pipe cleaners

  • Black pom-poms

  • Black headband

  • Black felt adhesive circles

  • Red dress

  • Black long-sleeve leotard

  • Black tights


And would you believe this tutorial shows you how to complete the look in three easy steps? Step 1: Glue faux eyelashes onto sunglasses; let dry completely.

Step 2: Twist pairs of pipe cleaners together to make each feeler, and stick wires of each feeler into a pom-pom. Wrap opposite ends of feelers around headband; twist to secure.

Step 3: Peel backing off circles and stick on dress.



Bees aren’t nearly as scary when they’re asking for Snickers bars at your door. For this costume, you’ll need:

  • Black sweatshirt & pants

  • Roll of bubble wrap

  • Two sheets of yellow felt

  • Hot glue gun & glue

  • Black plastic headband

  • Black pipe cleaners

  • Black pom poms


Cut the felt into strips and glue in place on the black sweat shirt to make your stripes. Then, cut the bubble wrap into the shape of wings (a lot like an upside down heart) and hot glue one stripe right down the middle to the back of the sweatshirt. Lastly, curl the pipe cleaners and twist them onto the headband. Top them off by gluing a pom pom to each one. Follow this simple three step tutorial for a more detailed walkthrough.