Top 4 Ways to Winterize Your Home Against Pests This Year

Top 4 Ways to Winterize Your Home Against Pests This Year

Winter is already well under way, but if you didn’t take the necessary precautions in the fall to prep your home against indoor and outdoor pests, you’ll want to do so now that hard winter is setting in and the holiday season is over. Why not make it your New Year's Resolution?

Here are some tips to protect your home this winter.

Do an Exterior Inspection

Eliminating exterior habitats and educating yourself on potential problems areas surrounding your home is a great first step. Hopefully your home and yard aren’t completely covered in snow yet, but do the best you can. A few things to watch out for:

  • Remove debris such as wet leaves and branches from around the house, especially from your gutters and rooftop. Piles of brush make ideal hiding places for pests.
  • Keep firewood stored at a safe distance. This is also prime shelter for pests in the winter, and even though it will add a few extra steps for you, it will make the fire even cozier knowing you didn’t bring a hitchhiker into your home.
  • Check on downspouts and any outdoor faucets to make sure water isn’t pooling near the house where animals can get easy access.

Seal Off Entry Points

Bugs, rodents and even larger critters will find any way they can into a warm and dry environment. Start with windows and doors, making sure there are no obvious cracks or openings. If you notice anything, use caulking or weather stripping to seal it up. Do the same with your basement and foundation, using a weather-resistant sealant to close off any noticeable cracks.

Keep Things Tidy Inside

On top of being warm and dry, your house is also a great food source. Seal food in airtight containers and try not to leave things out on the countertop for easy access. Make it part of your daily routine to wipe down counters and quickly vacuum or wipe up the floor in food areas.

Put Away Holiday Decorations Wisely

As we get into January, holiday decorations are going back into storage for another year. But before you put them back into the same cardboard boxes and plastic bags they came from, think again. It’s likely these decorations are stored in some of the most high traffic areas for pests and rodents, i.e. attics, basements and garages. So in order to protect them and reduce your chances of an infestation next year, put them instead into hard plastic bins with lids. You’ll thank yourself next year.

Already Have an Infestation?

If you weren’t able to take some of these steps in the fall, you might already have some visitors in or around your home. In that case, call your local Pestmaster for help. Our expert technicians will start with a thorough inspection of your property to diagnose the problem and its cause. We will then customize a treatment solution for your home and family to not only remove the current issue but prevent similar ones from happening in the future.

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