Four Signs of Termites to Watch for Around Your Reno Property

termite looking for nest

termite looking for nest

We use our senses to make decisions all the time, but sometimes, our perceptions are misleading. This is particularly true when it comes to insects and creatures. Just because you haven’t seen one on your Reno property, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Lots of critters can show up and build a home without you being privy to it. Being small, or working in a hard to reach place, may help them evade detection. Meanwhile, they’ll be multiplying in droves, and you won’t see their wreckage until it’s prominent. This is what happens withtermite invasions in Reno.

Termite damage is devastating, and expensive. Homes have become uninhabitable, and businesses have needed to close permanently, thanks to these insects. They cost Americans $5 billion each year to thwart them, and/or rebuild from them. The typical insurance company has rules to help them get out of supporting property owners. Learn the signs of termites now, so you’ll know when to reach for Pestmaster® Services.

Sign #1: Finding Waste & Wings

Termite colonies are divided into three classes: workers, soldiers, and swarmers. As you might estimate, workers are the ones that grind wood the most. They are a tiny 0.12 of an inch long, with white or grayish white bodies. Protecting them are soldiers, which are yellow-brown. They have noticeable jaws, and a head shaped like a rectangle. Swarmers mate to create colonies in the spring. Coming out of termite holes, they fly away to light sources. Their ½ of an inch-long figures are either black, yellow, or brown. They often cast off their scaly and translucent wings, so be on the lookout for them. Swarmers are a chief indication of infestation. Also, scan the scene for mounds of frass, the salt and pepper-like feces of termites.

Sign #2: Warping Walls & Paint

As termites go about their activities, they will make holes in walls the size of a needle-point in diameter. Additionally, they will form maze patterns, and mud tubes. Upon tapping on a foundation, you’ll likely hear hollowness. The drywall of your home or business will become dull in shade, and start to slump significantly. It may even appear damaged by water.

Wood isn’t the only thing that will be affected by termites on your property. The paint will begin to chip, peel, and boil up. It will also look like it has been stained by water as well.
Part of successful termite prevention is handling your wood properly:

  • Loose pieces of wood, such as fire-logs and carpentry panels, must be distanced from the property.
  • Don’t sit free wood directly on soil.
  • Bad, decaying, or water spoiled wood should be removed.

Sign #3: Failing Fixtures

If your tiling suddenly starts to come loose, your floorboards are creaking and giving in, and the doors and windows are fitting tight, termites are probably around.
Some preventive tasks related to fixtures are:

  • Attach screens to all exterior vents.
  • Routinely wash out vents and gutters.
  • Resolve any moisture issues, particularly those dampening wood.
  • Close gaps near foundations and utility lines.

Sign #4 Hearing Noises

Behind walls, termites might be heard rustling.

Pestmaster® Services Termite Extermination

We at Pestmaster® Services have an array of powerful solutions designed to quickly and thoroughly eliminate termites. Our proficient technicians will utilize “trench and treat” soil treatments, localized borate, and/or bait stations to rid your property of these ruinous insects. These avenues are to disrupt active colonies, and forestall future ones. Pre-construction treatments and relevant repairs are also available. You’ll receive a guarantee with our visits, because we’re so confident in what we have in store for you. Call today to get going! You’ll be offered a free quote!