How To Keep Rats Away From Your Salt Lake City Property



If you’re a property owner in Salt Lake City, Utah, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll have to deal with rats at one point or another. These rodents are frequent home invaders, and they aren’t just nuisance pests. Rats can cause health problems and damage property, and they are also uniquely able to live alongside humans. They have adapted to rely on humans for shelter, food, and water so rats can thrive in our homes. They are also particularly invasive and reproduce quickly, so their numbers can be challenging to control.

Types Of Rat In Utah

There are two main species of rats found in the area: brown rats and black rats.

Brown rats are also known as Norway rats. They have brown-grey fur with light underbellies and are known for being able to swim and thrive in humid environments.

Black rats are also known as roof rats. They get this name because they are excellent climbers that can get into attics and onto rooftops. They are dark brown or black and slightly smaller than brown rats.

Why You Should Be Concerned About Rat Infestations

The first and most troublesome category of rat risks is health problems. These rats can carry many different pathogens and spread illnesses such as rat-bite fever and salmonellosis. They also commonly have parasites like ticks and fleas, which can spread even more diseases, including the Bubonic plague.

To top it off, rats’ droppings, urine, and feces can cause many respiratory problems, including asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

Then, there’s the fact that rats destroy property. The list of things they can gnaw through includes, but is not limited to:

  • Electrical wires
  • Plumbing pipes
  • Drywall and wood
  • Furniture
  • Clothing and other fabric items
  • Plastic

Over time, this damage can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs and may lead to the loss of important valuables.

Four Rat Prevention Tips

Unfortunately, rats are a rather difficult pest to prevent. They are smart and adaptable, and they can chew their way inside. They only need holes around the size of a quarter to squeeze their way in, so it’s a challenge to keep them out. However, these four preventive steps can help deter them:

  • Cover vents with wire mesh and seal holes in the walls and foundation with wire mesh or steel wool.
  • Make your property less appealing to rats by cleaning up food and drink spills and focus on keeping kitchen areas clean. This means doing dirty dishes daily and regularly sweeping and mopping floors.
  • Reduce moisture problems around the property by implementing dehumidifiers, maintaining drainage, and repairing leaky plumbing.
  • Invest in garbage can lids that fit securely and place these on all trash cans. Also, remove debris and clutter from around your yard.
  • Minimizing entry points and limiting attracting factors do a lot to prevent rat infestations but sometimes even these steps are not enough.

What’s The Best Way To Remove A Rat Infestation?

Once rats have made their way onto your Salt Lake City property, there’s no use trying to remove them using DIY methods. Rats are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate, but the experts at Pestmaster® Services are here to help. Our residential and commercial pest control plans are the safest and most effective way to control these rodents and keep them out for good.

To learn more about rodent control options, contact us today to request a quote.