Six Ways You May Be Wrong About Bed Bugs In Richmond

bed bugs

bed bugs‚Äč

When it comes to pests people in Richmond don’t want to see in their homes, bed bugs have to be at the top of the list. At one point, they actually seemed to be disappearing with only rare cases reported. However, this pest has seen a surge in activity and its affected people all over the world.

Bed bugs are small oval-shaped non-flying insects that belong to the insect family Cimicidae, which includes three species that bite people. At their largest, they only reach 7mm in size. They require blood to thrive hence the old phrase, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” To make matters worse, this pest is relatively misunderstood which means there are common misconceptions about bed bugs that need clearing up.

Breaking Down Misconceptions

The secret to dealing with any pest is to know the important things about them. This can be difficult when there are just as many misconceptions as there are facts regarding bed bugs. In an effort to assist, we’re breaking down some of the most common misconceptions about bed bugs including:

  • They only like dirty homes: While certainly a popular opinion, this is nonetheless false. Bed bugs don’t care where they reside as long as they have access to blood from the people they bite. You are just as likely to experience bed bugs in a five-star hotel as you are in a regular motel.
  • They spread disease: Most people would think this to be true due to their love of biting. In truth, bed bugs are not known to spread disease at all. In most cases, people suffer a rash or light skin irritation. Though some individuals may experience an allergic reaction to the bite and others may suffer from anemia if the infestation is wide spread or persists over a long period of time.
  • They only exist in beds: Despite their name, this pest can be found anywhere in the home, including your bed. Bed bugs have been known to hide in carpet, chairs, light sockets, and even inside picture frames. Don’t assume any one room is safer than the other. Look for clues such as rust spots or shed skins to help identify a possible infestation.
  • They’re nocturnal: It’s true that most of their activity is in the middle of the night, but bed bugs are not strictly nocturnal. If necessary, they will adapt to whatever condition is necessary to find a food source.
  • Mattress covers are foolproof: The good news is these covers do help reduce your risk. However, this alone isn’t enough to keep bed bugs from making themselves at home. If excluded from the mattress bed bugs might have to travel further for a meal, but these hardy pests can survive months without food which means many will be up for the challenge.
  • You can stop them on your own: It is a mistake to take on bed bug infestations on your own. Bed bugs have become increasingly more difficult to eliminate, as they are highly adaptable. They have built up a resistance to many pesticides and they also reproduce at a rapid pace. For this reason, you should seek professional pest control at the first sign of an infestation.

Professional Attention With Pestmaster® Services

The reality is that bed bugs are virtually impossible to eliminate without a concentrated effort dedicated to their removal. At Pestmaster® Services our team is ready to help you take back control of your Richmond home.

We start with a comprehensive inspection to determine the severity of the infestation. After we have the results of our findings, we’re ready to get started on eliminating the entire infestation. Our pest management technicians utilize heat treatments, freeze treatments, dust treatments, ULV fogging, residual sprays, and more. Regardless of the severity of your infestation, we have the residents of Richmond covered.

Are you in need of bed bug control services? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional pest control options or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.