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Q: Are your extermination technicians licensed professionals?

Our pest management service technicians are a cut above your average exterminator. Before working for our pest control and pest management company, they are required to become licensed. Furthermore, they receive on-going training to become green service technicians, learning our green techniques for bed bug control, termite inspection, and how to get rid of pests across the board. Potential customers and those considering our pest control business opportunity should know that Pestmaster Services® has built its impeccable reputation on the excellent performance of our licensed staff.

We hire only licensed extermination technicians who are trained in an ongoing fashion in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and green extermination methods, including:

You can count on our licensed pest control specialists to be your green specialists, providing:

Pestmaster Services'® licensed service technicians do more than simple "spraying" and, unlike other exterminators, put innovative methods of green pest control and pest management to work for our clients. Ongoing training in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) makes our green service technicians experts in bed bug control and the removal of all other pests.

Pestmaster Services® practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which involves analyzing your pest problems and coming up with effective answers.  Our professionals are committed to providing safe, green methods of pest elimination for you. Count on our licensed service technicians for all your pest control needs.

We know how to get rid of pests and will show you how to keep them gone for good. Call Pestmaster Services® today and, if interested, don't forget to inquire about our pest control business opportunity.

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