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Pest Management with Environ-MentalityTM

Pest Management with Environ-Mentality™ is a commitment to safety, our environment, customers, and employees to offer the safest and most effective pest services available utilizing green methods and low-to-no-toxicity products. Our commitment to seeking out cutting edge technologies from science-based products offering sustainable solutions has been a cornerstone of our corporate culture for more than 35 years.

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Pest control providers have hundreds of pesticides to choose from. Price, toxicity, target, and effectiveness range greatly and it is up to the provider to learn and understand which products will control specific pest problems best while minimizing their overall footprint. Pestmaster Services® uses products with the most advanced science to effectively control target pests with either non-toxic or low-toxic EPA ratings. The possible risk to humans and pets is minimized because these products target very specific areas and functions of insects and rodents. The ecological effects (toxicity to birds and fish and pesticide bioaccumulation) and environmental fate (the persistence of pesticides in soil, breakdown in plants and solubility in water) is either minimal or nil.

In addition to discerning product selection, our services include green components like inspection, monitoring and accurate identification, biological controls (natural enemies to pests), sanitation methods, habitat disruption, and live trapping and relocation. Educating is a large part of Pest Management with Environ-Mentality™ Pestmaster® Services as well. Learn more about our commitment to training California school administrators how to effectively implement Integrated Pest Management Programs for the health of our future.