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Our pest control technicians offer a number of innovative pest control services for residents of Tucson and the surrounding area. The Tucson environment and weather create a prime attraction for insects and pests that make life a bit less enjoyable.  Pestmaster® Services offers the finest in termite control, bed bug treatment, wildlife control, ant extermination, and more! Our technicians are all highly-trained in Pestmaster’s® Integrated Pest Management approach, which is the philosophy that embodies our environmentally friendly methods of pest control.

We take pride in offering pest control services that are not based around the all too familiar concept of “spray, spray, spray.” We aspire for something higher and strive to provide solutions that are safe for you, your family and pets, and the surrounding environment. In the process, we have created new approaches to pest control that have actually proven more effective. Our services include:

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Arizona is a wonderful place to live, work, and play.  Our Integrated Pest Management solutions make it even more so. With Tucson’s close ties to historic churches, museums, and homes and its dependence on visitors and the import-export-industry, it remains more important than ever to know you're dealing with an environmentally conscious practitioner of green pest control.

The solutions you desire are waiting for you at Pestmaster® Services.  If your home or business is feeling overrun, don’t count on just any pest control company for solutions. Demand experience, innovation, and long-lasting results. Demand Pestmaster® Services.

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